The feel-good story of Sing 2

Sing 2s movie poster credit: IMDb

Sing 2’s movie poster credit: IMDb

Marissa Bustillos, Staff Writer

The two hour long sequel Sing 2 released this past December, is a comedic musical that follows the journey of Mr. Moon and his cast of natural born actors and singers as they try to share their talent at the theatrical capital of the world: Redshore City. After failing to impress a talent scout, Mr. Moon decides to sneak into an audition in Redshore City with a big shot entertainer and unfortunately gets rejected until Gunter, one of the cast members, pitches that they have rockstar Clay Calloway joining them in the show. The catch is: no one has seen or heard from Calloway for 15 years since his wife died. Eager to get into the show, Mr. Moon goes along with it and they are given the ready to start preparing for a show in three weeks which will be shown to the residents in Redshore City.

Mr. Moon and his cast tries to escape from the talent scout. Credits to IMDb.

Director Garth Jennings provides a well-paced and balanced story that shares the development of each character as the story progresses. It contrasts greatly to Sing, the first movie, as it focuses on the success of each character as they struggle with problems like Mr. Moon´s fear of failure and Rosita´s fear of heights and their journey in overcoming them.

The sequel brings a feeling of comfort with returning characters Rosita, Johnny, and Ash while allowing the audience to get a feel for new characters like Porsha and Clay Calloway that add to the success of the movie rather than stealing the spotlight from the older characters. It is filled with a variety of upbeat, heartfelt songs that create a fun environment for anybody of any age to watch while evoking a plethora of emotions where you will be on your feet jumping for joy and the next emotional holding back tears.This movie is watch worthy and leaves the audience satisfied and waiting for a rumored trilogy.