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2024’s most wanted Bulldog

Ashley Braunstein
Chavez beams moments after being crowned Mr. Bulldog 2024 and holds his prize check of $100. Chavez immediately congratulated his competitors for their efforts and comradery. ¨It was like 20/80 and I did not think I was going to win that,” said Chavez.

The 20th annual boys beauty pageant, Mr. Bulldog, took place in the school cafeteria this past Friday. Every year, male students of all grade levels have the opportunity to participate in a contest to compete to be crowned as the year’s Mr. Bulldog. The pageant showcases different fashion styles, talents, and inspirations with a live audience cheering them on and teacher judges Karon Walton, Carolina Gonzalez-Boix, and Andrea Williams. This year, contestants had two weeks to prepare before facing off in the Wild West. 

The audience got to know their contestants through their performances. Different skits included a walk with the contestants’ inspirational person, their best friend, and a fashion portion showing off their best western style, vacation attire, and Bulldog school pride merchandise and their talents. 

Behind the stage during intermission, contestant Steven Chavez alluded to his biggest competition in the pageant. Along with Chavez, contestant Ian Munns expressed worry regarding fellow contestant Aiden Estrada’s planned talent for the night. 

“100% Aiden man, dude that first guy, you’ll see in a little bit, Once he comes out for that talent you will not be able to stay in your seat,” said Chavez. 

Aiden Estrada struts down the catwalk dancing to a mix of Beyonce songs with his four supporting background dancers, Gabriella Jimenez and Anyssa Acevado. The crowd was visibly engrossed by his energetic performance. Notably, dance teacher Andrea Williams was seen dancing along to Estrada’s routine.
(Ashley Braunstein)

In three days, sophomore Aiden Estrada prepared and choreographed a six-minute performance where he danced to a mix of Beyonce songs that stunned the crowd. 

“We originally planned for two weeks, but because there was a bunch of like mishaps and some issues we technically as in like hours wise, we only had three days to practice and we had a ton of rehearsal work…that’s was what we came up with, with only technically three days,” said Estrada. 

Despite highly engaging performances like Estrada’s routine to Beyonce and walks such as Munn’s role-reversed mock marriage to girlfriend Haley Isip, Chavez stole the spotlight with his consistently crowd-pleasing performances.

Munns role reversal marriage with girlfriend Haley officiated by friend Matthew Trancoso during the best friend walk was a hit. “You know what. I’ve got to say Ian and Haley getting married with the role reversal was pretty funny,” said teacher judge Karon Walton. Along with his skit, Munns shocked the audience in his special talent round by playing the piano before attempting to eat an entire cake in under a minute.
(Aidan Renteria)


“To be completely honest with you, I’m still coming to terms with it myself. I mean. It was like 20/80 and I did not think I was going to win that, but I mean, like, when they screamed my name it caught me way off guard. I did not, I was not expecting that at all,” said Chavez.

Chavez stole the show with the audience and judges while performing “Your Man” by Josh Turner. Audience members looked on as he stunned the crowd with his stage presence and charisma. 

“We judge everyone on a scale from one to ten for each round… It’s not that we chose Steven, it’s that within each round we give points on a scale from one to ten and then at the very end we count them,” said Gonzalez-Boix. 

Chavez was consistent with his stage persona throughout the night and exuded confidence. Ultimately, he was bestowed the title of Mr. Bulldog 2024. 

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