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Upcoming 2024 movies

Promo poster for Inside Out 2.

With the new year in the film industry there have been various films that have been released as well as upcoming films set to be released later this year. Anticipated movies such as ¨Inside Out 2¨, ¨Deadpool & Wolverine¨, and ¨Garfield¨ striked big conversations as many wonder if they will fill the expectations of viewers.

Inside Out 2 will be released June 14 as it follows the sequel  based on 11 year old Riley’s emotions Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear that guide her through the new stages of her life as she moved from her Minnesota childhood home to a new place in San Francisco, Calif. With the new film, Riley is now a teenager and she begins to feel various new emotions. Riley’s emotions ultimately guide her through the problems that come in adolescence.  

¨Now that it’s like taking on different emotions that I feel like everyone can relate to I’m really excited on how they are going to depict it,¨ said junior Abigail Pastrana.

A teaser image of the film, Wolverine on the left and Deadpool on the right. (Variety)

“Deadpool & Wolverine” has been talked about greatly considering the fact that Wolverine comes back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the trailer viewers see Wolverine and Deadpool teaming up together to defeat an enemy. Fans expressed their excitement on social media as Wolverine appeared wearing the classic yellow and blue suit that he usually wears in the comics, but is not featured in the X-Men franchise, which is planned to release on July 26.

¨I’m really excited to see two anti-heroes team up with each other considering how they fought each other a couple of times; I expect this to be a really good movie,¨ said junior Adam Ortega.

Promo poster for Garfield. (IMDb)

“The Garfield Movie” will be released May 24 and is based on Garfield’s unexpected reunion with his father, which ends up involving a heist for Garfield and his friend Odie to complete. The film is based on the highly rated cartoon series, nostalgic to many, which is why fans are curious to find out if it will be better than the series or be something different than what they expected.

¨I used to watch the cartoon when I was younger, it’s a childhood thing for me so I’m really excited to see the animation and stuff but mostly everything about it is like very nostalgic,¨ said junior Alejandra Rios. 



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