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How the 1609 art show influences inspiration

A’merie Bequer
(Left to right) Art pieces from Karin Zhou and Victoria Lopez are one of the many projects that were showcased at the art show. Just like the others, time and effort were put into these works. “It’s not something you sign up for but when your art gets showcased you genuinely have a good time making it and it’s appreciated from the people running it and people who come to the show,” Zhou said.

According to Google, art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Such has served as a powerful way to express one’s feelings and creativity. This idea was brought into light at the annual 1609 Art Show, an event that showcases art from students in various classes such as art one, art two, ceramics, and more. Each piece acted as a mirror of their creator’s skills and imagination.

“It’s important to our school and for the community. To see what we do as a department in arts. I think that’s one of the important pieces of making art, sharing that work with the world,“ said art and ceramics teacher Christine Schwandt.

For the artists, their opportunity to participate represented  their creativity and dedication to their skill.  The 1609 Art Show served as a way to show the education’s value in creativity beyond the individual part of it. In it, audiences all around shared an appreciation for the arts within the campus community.

Sophomore Karin Zhou shared her experience being a part of the art show.

“I think it’s really cool that my art and many others who don’t usually get a chance to show off their art get a place in the event,” Zhou said.

At the 1609 Art Show, ceramics and art students show off their projects that were displayed in either the panels or the tables. These projects would take days or weeks to finish. “Sometimes as a person when you go out in the world and you see things, you see yourself, and I think that’s important,” Schwandt said. (A’merie Bequer)

Throughout the school year, students have shown off their skills in numerous projects like intricate paintings, sculptures, drawings, and such. They were either displayed on the panels or on one of the tables. 

“When you see art work it’s inspiring and it inspires people like let’s say ‘I wanna do that one day’,” Schwandt said.

This year’s 1609 art show celebrated the recognition and appreciation for imaginative students beyond the canvas.

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