Running to be the Dancing Queen: Joellene Collins Crespo


Joellene Collins Crespo alongside Alex Lainez after the Homecoming fashion show.


Within homecoming season, arrives the nominations of homecoming court princes and princesses; one of whom is senior, Joellene Collins Crespo. The day nominations were announced, Joellene was “slightly scared”, but she remained excited about nominations. Once she heard her name, she “knew this was be such a fun experience”. She decided to run for Homecoming court because she thought it would be “ a great experience” and a “fun blast”. She mentioned seeing previous people run for court, and decided to asked about their experience, which also impacted her choice. As fun as it is, Joellene does know that it involves a “lot of work and stress” to be a princess. Regardless, she keeps her spirits high because in the end she believes “it will pay off and be fun”. Being apart of the 2019 Homecoming court will be a good memory for Joellene to look “back at it and about it” in the future. Even with all the stress and work from being apart of the homecoming court, Joellene maintains her involvement in extracurricular activities. She is involved in things such as choir, theatre, Best Buddies, and the school’s musical this year”. She ran with Alex Lainez because they were “both in choir and thought they would be a cool duo”.  The process of getting votes has been fun for Joellene because she considers herself really outgoing. She is also grateful that she does have friends that support her continuously. She is very excited to see “what put together” for the dance and believes that “people are going to have fun”.