Running to be the Dancing Queen: Erica Perez


Perez in her crown. Credits to Erica Perez


” thought it was kind of ironic because mom ran for homecoming court in the ’80s.” One out of the five princesses of the homecoming court include Erica Perez, speaking on her mother’s experience in relation to the theme of this year’s theme. She decided to run since it’s something she’s always “wanted to do ever since was a freshman”.  She considers homecoming to be an experience where “people are brought closer together”. Comparatively, running for court includes opportunities, such getting to meet new people and make new memories with them.  Additionally, she also knows ” wants to have a memorable senior year and make the most of it.” Perez recommends that anyone “shouldn’t be afraid to dance because they’ll regret it.”

Perez posing for Youth Cheer Night. Credits to Erica Perez

Running for court is enough of the experience for Perez as she believes “it’s not about winning…making the court was already enough”. She’s “just grateful for the experience”.