Glimpse into Being a Prince: Vince Hernandez


Vince Hernandez receiving his poster. Photo credits to @westcovinahighschool Instagram


Vince Hernandez, varsity baseball player, Link Crew member, and now nominated as a prince in this year’s homecoming, is striving to be crowned King. Not only is Vince a senior, but this is his last year, to show why he deserves a spot as prince. With all of the accomplishments he has, he hopes to add another one with a victory the day of Homecoming.

Vince is not going through this whole process alone as he is running with another princess, Erica Perez, and says that “hopefully win King and Queen.” Running together has proven much popularity among seniors as almost everyone knows them and with this kind of exposure, he hopes that everyone gives them a chance and are able to win. Just to be nominated, he says that “it’s a huge honor and such a thrill” to be able to get involved in such a wholesome experience. Vince tells us that he was really motivated to run this year because he wanted to “get involved as much as possible and looking forward to hopefully being crowned.”

He also told us details on his Homecoming skit that will be presented the day before Homecoming. The skit involves this “amazing idea of setting up a blind dating show with a lot of fun dancing and fun people! It should be very exciting!” It sounds amazing and hopefully they do a great job when it’s time to perform. Making the last year of high school as exciting as possible is a way to make it a memorable one. At the end of the day, he hopes to remember his high school experience for the rest of his life and Homecoming is possibly just one step in the right direction. Vince explains that he hasn’t “actually been to many of the dances” and knowing that he’s a prince is the “most fun and exciting time of the year so far.” Just from speaking to him, people can tell right away that this situation he’s in is a humbling and exhilarating time. Let’s hope Vince is able to end his high school career with the title of Homecoming king for the class of 2020.