Glimpse into Being a Prince: Alex Lainez


Alex Lainez posing after receiving his poster. Credits to Brayan Castaneda


From the big stage to the royal court, Alex Lainez is one of this year’s nominees for the homecoming court. Lainez is involved a lot of clubs and extracurricular activities this year; Cure Club, Wescovaires, theatrics, and play production.

    As this being Alex’s last year he wants to make the most out of it and make it a year to remember. However he’s “very nervous to leave behind years of being an idiotic teenager and going into the real world of being a responsible and organized adult”. Like most seniors, Alex has some memories he wants to remember. Running for the court is the main highlight next to the football game and dance. A lot of people take this opportunity to run to make it a new experience and to get out there and have fun. ” decided to run because wanted to break out of shell”. This is an experience that a lot of people would remember for years to come.

 “What sets me apart is that an individual who is very caring and helps others but can also be someone whos is and makes things very serious” said Lainez. Overall, Alex’s senior year will be one for the books. “ is very nervous to be done with high school.. but ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.”