Glimpse into Being a Prince: Alek Oei


Oei after receiving his nomination poster. Credits to @westcovinahighschool Instagram.

Opinions Editor


Alek Oei is a track and cross country all-star who is also involved in clubs such as GEO, Key Club, Best Buddies, and is currently creating a weightlifting club. Oei is willing to add homecoming king to his list of achievements along with Gaby Lopez, homecoming princess. The expectations he set out were just to “go out and just have a blast” even though Oei has the ability to time manage, doesn’t mean he has the powers to “see the future if or not, so put on a wild show” for everyone to love and enjoy. Oei also felt excited when getting votes out there because he “ seeing senior friends do it as an underclassmen” and now he’s the one doing it which makes this moment feel so surreal to him. When asked about being nominated he said, “being nominated was an awesome feeling and at that moment was walking up, I felt an intense pride and joy knowing that had a whole lot of people supporting back pushing higher”. To top it all off, when Oei was asked about the mispronunciation of his name being announced he responded and laughed saying, “They called Alex but group of friends recklessly and hilariously cheered for to go up because they heard wrong”.

Oei running for homecoming court wasn’t a big dream for him but, “it did seem like a crazy thing that feels should do just for the fun of getting out there.”