Preparing for the 80’s


Students of the freshman class council working on posters. Credits to Raylene Flores


October 26, the day everyone in West Covina High School is looking forward to. Homecoming is exciting everyone, from freshman to senior, with its creative and original theme; the 1980’s. Tickets are being purchased weeks before the big event; floats, football games, and rallies are going to take place to exhilarate students for the day. Elections for Prince and Princess motivate those who are running for the titles. However, none of this is possible without the people who put time and effort into making this year’s memorable.

Class council and many other volunteers are working to perfect the 1980s theme. They are  striving to appreciate the student’s hard work during school, by giving them a day to remember. “Working on our decorations for freshman float in class council is really fun,” says members of the council. They plan to ensure that the people who work on decorations have fun creating elaborate pieces that they are going to share with the school. Freshman class council member, Angelene Huynh, says, “This has been a great experience with hard work; getting to express emotions through our art and teamwork.” Angelene expresses that they put their own originality into their posters and signs to make them stand out and be unique from the rest. 

Students bring their 80’s ideas into a reality by their posters. Photo Credits to Raylene Flores.

During homecoming. it’s important to remember the amazing floats and rallies that class council, ASB, and renaissance worked on to excite and pump up West Covina, as it’s essential to create pieces that adds to the effect of being in the 80’s. Without the elaborate ornaments to accompany the event, people would miss out on the overall experience of Homecoming; which should be momentous. Conclusively, attending homecoming means showing support for all the work this year’s Homecoming volunteers have done.