Behind the Scenes of the 2019 Homecoming Theme


Credits to Kevin Hall Blog


There’s good food, great music and a whole lot of dancing; it’s Homecoming! Something that students enjoy at homecoming is dressing up with the theme. This year, The Retro Wave is a perfect theme for all 80’s lovers because it is a full throwback to all of the great trends such as fashion, music, funky dance moves and iconic pop culture, but how is the theme created? Khine Thu and Javy Valenzuela, two members from ASB stated the process of creating a theme is very thought out. First is the Summer Committee meetings, which were held every two weeks and open for every student to come and discuss ideas for upcoming events. Next, is discussion with the events team where they would discuss which idea would interest the campus. Mainly the members of ASB choose the theme. 80’s retro wave was selected because it could “appeal to the campus” and it would bring “fun vibes” to campus. 80’s is a time of vibrant colors, iconic music, and carefree people. There’s a lot of creative ideas you could make with this theme, which is why it fit well for the homecoming. For instance, the 80’s was a time where there was  “something for everyone”, especially for the teachers who lived during the time, as it brings back fond memories that can relate to most people. All in all, homecoming is a great event every student should experience at least once in their high school years because it is something that everyone will remember. Alongside, this comes other great themes that can be proposed in the future.