Glimpse into Being a Prince: Dennis Dinh


Dinh after the Homecoming Fashion Show. Credits to Victoria Mejicanos


Each year the homecoming week is immensely full of events; such as the homecoming rally and the corresponding game, which happen on the same day. These events build anticipation for the following day, the actual dance. For many, the most special part of homecoming is the coronation of the homecoming king and queen. This year, it is especially true for senior, Dennis Dinh, nominated as a prince and has hopes of catching the crown. Besides being a prince, Dinh is an involved student at WCHS. He is currently an officer in UNICEF and a dedicated captain of the WCHS Colorguard. He is running with his close friend Princess Hitomi Ng.  Dinh states he mainly chose to run because “he wanted to try something new and be involved”. He continues to say that he thought to himself, “why not?” as it is his last year and last opportunity to run. Being able to run with his friend was another reason he was sure he wanted to get a chance at the nomination.

Dinh alongside his princess the day they were nominated. Credits to Victoria Mejicanos

For Dinh, the experience of running for court was “extremely fun”, but at times left him in suspense, “you’re unsure of who’s going to make it”. There is an element of competition that comes with running that Dinh got used to, but even “just finding out was in court was an enjoyable experience”.

The process of putting himself out there for votes at times made him “unsure” of himself as he knew “he had friends that would vote for him,  but it didn’t determine that he would achieve nomination.” He admits that at times he was unsure how to present himself while trying to get onto the court, but his thoughts and responses imply there shouldn’t be any worry running while promoting his individuality. Although there was still a bit of suspense, the day the nominees were announced, is when the reality of running, and wanting to be nominated kicked in. “It was different because that was the moment”.

All in all, it was exciting for Dinh and “he is excited to go for another round” as the nominees have to be sure to campaign for themselves to win. He shares his excitement and anticipation leading to homecoming. He believes he is ready to showcase himself and his princess. In addition, he’s confident and excited about his future endeavors as he strives to become king. Dinh’s confidence and willingness to try new things is sure to inspire future bulldogs to do the same.