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Lakers Analysis: No More Show in Showtime


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The Los Angeles Lakers is one of the most prized franchises in all of sports. Just like the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, and Dallas Cowboys. Unlike most of these other notable franchises, the Los Angeles Lakers are responsible for countless NBA championships and numerous amounts of trophies for winning the western conference. They also have a future Hall of Famer on their team, Kobe Bryant, who is in his 18th year playing in the NBA. The Lakers are one of the biggest franchises who many free agents and fans desire to join or root for.

Whether it was Kobe, Magic, Worthy, or any other Laker greats, they all had the same moto: that no matter the record, the Lakers will always be the Lakers, and will always bounce back harder than ever to win.

As of late, the Lakers have been known as one of the worst teams in the game. Going on about their second season of a losing record, the Lakers have been looking to turn things around and regain their reputation as a championship team and contender.

Many Lakers fans have been angered by management decisions and continuous loses, but deep down Lakers fans understand that every team has that time where they have to rebuild and reshape. Examples would be the Boston Celtics and New York Knicks, who like the Lakers, were once playoff contenders and desired locations to play for. In some people’s eyes, the Lakers are nothing but a bad team, but in others, the Lakers are the only team they come to love and respect.

With the Lakers having the largest fan base in the NBA, stretching all throughout the United States and through Europe, there is no wonder why the NBA is not what it once was.

The Los Angeles Lakers are seen as the team that started it all, with the great mined of late Dr. Jerry Bus, who brought cheerleaders to the floor and put fans and celebrities on the court in the front row.  This tradition has been carried out ever since and has changed sports as we know it.

There is only a matter of time when the Lakers regain their composure and climb back up to the throne that they helped form.

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