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The freshman experience

Enrique Santos
Freshman Michael De La Torre didn’t participate in many school activities, but has enjoyed the school environment throughout the year. He explained that he looks forward to joining the Super Smash Bros E-Ssports team next year.

Entering high school can be hard, especially when a student doesn’t know what to expect. High school is a different experience. There’s more variety of activities and classes new students can get to know and best of all, more experiences a student can choose to be a part of. 

One way for freshmen to get comfortable in high school is to join clubs, try out for sports teams or get involved in activities. Freshmen could be nervous at first when getting involved, but those that do have an easier time getting to know the school.

Freshman Austin Jordan receives an athletic award on May 10th, from AFJROTC. He joined the program this year and was recognized for his strength, bravery and courage. (Teresa Jordan)

“A lot of people were telling me that freshman year is the easiest and the fastest you’re going to go through and I didn’t believe them,” said freshman Michael De La Torre.

Getting involved with school activities or clubs can allow freshmen to make new friends and learn. They can gain leadership knowledge and communication skills and get a taste of what high school is really about. It is a less intimidating environment than what might be expected. 

“The activities I did freshman year, I joined the E-sports Super Smash Bros team and I am also in ROTC, I participated in the big flag,” said freshman Austin Jordan.

“My freshman year is amazing, I love it. The friends I made here, the people I met here, my teammates, classmates, teachers, I love it here,” Jordan continued.

You can even get recognized by others for getting involved right away. As a new student, it is not easy getting comfortable with high school right away, and being able to do that takes bravery and courage. Sometimes, it is best to get out of your comfort zone to achieve that next goal.

“I’ve gotten freshman of the month, I’ve got graduation mvp for working with ASB, I feel accomplished in myself for just Beijing out there,” said freshman Isabella Mejorado.

“It made me more confident in myself,” Mejorado continued.

Freshman Isabella Mejorado on a GEO Club hike at Joshua Tree National Park where she found a cave and looked out to see the desert from it. As her first GEO Club hike, it was an enjoyable experience. (Aidan Renteria)

Having friends to help guide you to these goals will boost your confidence further. You can develop your character throughout your freshman year, and friends are there to help guide you.

“Just surround yourself around people who are positive, don’t surround yourself with people who bring you down,“ said freshman Carmen Argueta.

“In the next year, I look forward to meeting new people,” Argueta continued.

This goes on for any new experience, you have to adjust to your environment and get to know new people. It is a part of life, and your freshman year is just one of these experiences.

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