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A bucket list to start the summer

Amia Sawyer
Making a summer bucket list and coming up with new ideas and ways you’re going to spend the summer together is a fun activity to do with friends. Here is a summer bucket list with some fun activities located near West Covina to spend the summer.

Making a summer bucket list is a fun and creative way to prepare for the summer by coming up with activities to do with friends, family, and even alone. Often people don’t know what to do with their extra free time during the summer so creating a bucket list gives activities to look forward to. Although some people think that during the summer there’s nothing to do, with some research, everyone can find an activity, whether nearby or with a quick drive. 

Here is a summer bucket list customized to West Covina to help plan out a fun summer experience with events generally accessible for everyone: 

California Adventure is a part of Disneyland located opposite of the park. California Adventure has Pixar, Marvel, and cars themes located inside of the park. They also have some popular food spots that are talked about all over social media like San Fransokyo. The ferris wheel is also a popular spot where people can take pictures and can gather around and watch shows that they often provide.

1. Theme parks are fun and are an all-day activity that you can spend with anyone. There are theme parks in California and they offer a big variety from amusement parks to water parks. The closest theme park to West Covina is Raging Waters, a water park in San Dimas, which offers a quick drive to get away and have fun in the sun. Raging Waters provides water slides, the lazy river,  pools, concession stands, and water park themed merchandise. Another popular theme park that’s farther, but also liked and has options from food to amusement rides is Disneyland in Anaheim, California. It’s an expensive theme park with a single ticket cost ranging from $104 – $194, not including food and other expenses. 

2. The beach is a fun way to be in the sun with friends or family. California has multiple beaches along the coast, some beaches nearby are Huntington State beach, Bolsa Chica, Newport, Santa Monica, Venice, Long Beach, and Laguna. Once there, visitors have access to activities including swimming, picnics, and tanning among other pastimes that can provide a relaxing trip for everyone. 

From left to right, junior Grace Lorenger, with her friends outside of school Carissa Laing and Maya Garrison at the beach last July. (Grace Lorenger)

“My favorite things to do at the beach are swimming and reading. The beach is always a fun place to enjoy the sun and relax to enjoy a good book,” said junior Grace Lorenger. 

Besides personal activities, beaches are popular among tourists and locals and commonly serve as hotspots for recreational businesses. Santa Monica is one of the more popular beaches due to the pier they had built nearby in 1909. The Santa Monica Pier offers food, arcade games, amusement rides, and often has vendors selling clothes and jewelry. 

3. Road trips are an activity that can add a taste of adventure into life, whether it be with family or friends. Quick road trips or going on a vacation is a way to explore different places and see scenic routes. The experience ultimately can develop bonds amongst people around and create new memories with family or friends. 

Senior Isabella Sanchez goes on a road trip every summer to her family’s hometown in Monte Escobedo, Mexico. Sanchez enjoys taking the road trip because it gives her the chance to spend more time with her family as well as watching the outside area during the drive. (Isabella Sanchez)

“I go on a family road trip every summer to my hometown in Mexico to visit my family. I enjoy the ride because I get to relax and just love the route to get there,” said senior Isabella Sanchez. 

On road trips, the drive is just as important as the destination. There are activities that people can do in the car games such as the popular Simon Says or  heads up; however, those looking to relax may lean towards more solitary activities such as reading a book or watching a show. 

4. Bowling is a summer indoor activity to do with a group of friends to get out of the sun. It provides friendly competition and a cool escape away from the heat. Bowling is also one of the less expensive  activities if you’re purchasing one or two rounds. The Bowlero, located in West Covina, costs $26.99 per person including shoe rental for an hour and half game. They also offer a small restaurant that  serves refreshments and food so people can eat and enjoy a friendly game without having to leave the comfort of the bowling alley.

5. Movie nights require no money and can be done in the comfort of a home with online media platforms such as Netflix. Those looking to have a get together may be inclined to inviting friends to hangout and watch movies and relax in the air conditioning while still having fun. Eating snacks in the house and watching movies is something that many enjoy.

Making a summer bucket list is also a fun activity to do with friends. Coming up with new ideas and ways you’re going to spend the summer together. 

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