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Joshua Gonzalez’s passion for music

Jennifer Gonzalez
Joshua Gonzalez playing at his most successful event at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena on January 6, although feeling anxious and overwhelmed with the big crowd Gonzalez pushed through in the moment and concentrated on playing the bass. “I was feeling very nervous honestly, like it was so unreal,” said Gonzalez.

Apart from being a student, junior Joshua Gonzalez manages and plays the bass for la Seleccion Privada, a regional Mexican music band also known as a grupo norteno. This band consists of four group members: Joshua Gonzalez, Julio Gonzalez, Santiago Roman, and Humberto Gonzalez, who play different instruments and perform for parties and private events.

From left to right Joshua Gonzalez, Santiago Roman, Beto Gonzalez, and Julio Gonzalez members of Grupo Norteño La Seleccion Privada pose for a picture in uniform before performing before taking the stage at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena on January 6 to remember their first big event. They prepare before they perform by saying a prayer and giving each other fist bumps.
“ We tell each other to have fun and, most importantly, look like you’re having fun so that the crowd feels your energy,” said Gonzalez.
(Jennifer Gonzalez)

Gonzalez’s inspiration to be a part of this group began with his brother Julio Gonzalez. His brother would listen to regional Mexican music so Gonzalez then became passionate about it. He is also the singer of the group and plays the bajo quinto guitar. Being part of this group meant he could play with his brother, go to gigs and perform together. Gonzalez expressed his gratitude for having a family member who he can look up to and teach him valuable lessons.

“Playing together means we get to make and share the same memories which is special to me,” said Gonzalez.       

Brothers Joshua and Julio Gonzalez playing at a gig in Moreno Valley at a private Halloween event in 2023. Gonzalez felt comforted knowing his brother was next to him in case he messes up, gets lost, or forgets what song they are going to play next. Gonzalez’s brother gives him confidence to keep playing and be better as they perform at all of they’re events.
“I am grateful to have my brother by my side, I think it is such a blessing that we both were able to learn and stick to music that we both love,” said Gonzalez.
(Jennifer Gonzalez)


His journey as a member of this group began in 2020 when COVID had just started. Since being in quarantine meant had free time to practice, he became better and more professional. The group first started with just two guitars and a bass but it wasn’t going well for them. Gonzalez then decided to talk to his brother about switching to a different style of music to help them succeed or he would leave and start his own. Ultimately, conditions did not improve with their former group so they switched to a grupo norteño. This transition paid off for this group as now they have over 4,000 followers and a thriving musical band.

 “We’ve improved a lot as a group and like the chemistry is going really good with us,” said Gonzalez.

As a player for La Seleccion Privada, Gonzalez got to experience his biggest event in the Pico Rivera sports arena known for Mexican rodeos and Latin entertainment. Gonzalez was anxious and stunned at the status of the event, as he saw all the people lined up waiting to go through security and entering the event it became all more real. Performing for big events has helped him and his group make them more known which helps in hopes for more clients to contract them. Performing at big events also allows him to meet other members of different bands while backstage and develop connections. 

“My highlight of performing at Pico was being on stage and dancing on stage to make people get hyped,” said Gonzalez. 

Gonzalez also oversees the group’s Instagram, business contracts, and money. Having the responsibility of handling the contracts and money requires Gonzalez to inform clients about their prices and policies. 

“Anyone interested in booking us goes straight to me, also I post all of our stories and reels of us playing,” said Gonzalez. 

Being part of  La Seleccion Privada has proven to be difficult at times because it makes his schedule full having gigs from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. every Friday and Saturday can be tiring. Having to load and unload heavy equipment such as speakers takes more time, so they get home as late as 2:00 a.m. depending on the location of their event. 

His favorite part about playing is seeing people enjoy themselves and seeing them dance. Gonzalez feels motivated when everyone goes up to the group members and him at the end of the gigs telling them how amazing they play at a young age. He also enjoys taking pictures with people because it makes him feel like a celebrity.

“Seeing that the music we play makes people dance is really cool,” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez’s main goal is to become revered in his profession as a musician whether it’s with the group he is currently in or with someone who likes how he plays who is already known. Gonzalez aspires to play in front of bigger crowds and become a successful artist.           

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