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Inside look on Color Guard

Junior Julia Renteria throws and does tricks with the flags to go with the music of the marching band. She makes sure to focus, have fun, and be in the moment while performing.

Color guard is a team of students who perform choreographed dances and routines with various equipment to enhance and interpret the music of marching band and drumline. In color guard, the performing arts aspect is emphasized. 

While using the given space around, they use their bodies in many ways: they dance, do flips, use props, act, and sometimes sing to tell a story. Props are used to develop further their routines, such as flags, sabers, and rifles. All “weapon” props are completely safe though as the sabers are metal swords that are not sharp and the rifles are made solely out of hard and taped wood.

Being a part of the team requires an extensive group effort with practices running long hours every monday and wednesday from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Being on the team means having to be dedicated and willing to be okay with schedule interruptions due to practices and competitions. 

Instructor Rica Anonas has dedicated her time to color guard for the past three years. As the designer of all color guard performances, she uses her creativity to put into the concept of the costumes and shows during marching band and winter season. Anonas expressed excitement coming from there only being two girls in marching band season to more students expressing interest going into the winter season. With more participants, Anonas will have more ability to orchestrate elaborate performances and develop a new team dynamic. 

“Every group is different energy and style and that helps build a good group to carry and tell a new story every season,” said Anonas.

Assistant instructor Hannah Sorge has been an instructor since she was 19 and fell in love with it. She also dedicates her time to color guard and helps Anonas teach skills. They both use their minds to come up with creative and exciting routines for the team. Sorge enjoys being around students and being there through everything and watching them grow as individuals.  

“It is amazing watching their little bodies not knowing what they are doing to doing full-blown performances,” said Sorge. 

Junior Julia Renteria, shared her experience as a performer of two years in color guard. Renteria enjoys expressing herself in her choreography in different ways while using different equipment. Using the equipment requires strength therefore Renteria likes using the rifle more because she finds it to be more technical. 

“I love the unique choreography and tricks while spinning the rifle,” said Renteria.  

She also believes that it is important to understand and help each other. Renteria used to play the clarinet with the marching band, but then did an indoor season of color guard and loved what she did.  

“I’ve grown to love the sport and become passionate about it, I love my team,” said Renteria.

A challenge color guard faces is students learning at different paces and in different ways. However, this is a challenge Anonas likes to cater to students and help in any way possible. In this sport, students can join regardless of skill level. As an instructor, Anonas feels it’s her job to find ways and make things clear for their performers to help them achieve the things that they want.

“The rewarding part of teaching is watching somebody that has no experience excel and come into their own as a performer and have creativity,” said Anonas.  

The color guard team is looking forward to what the winter season has to bring. They are excited to build and grow and continue on that route for the future with many new students trying out. Their first match of the season is set for Mar. 2, 2024 against Rowland High School at Rowland High School.


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