Movie Review: Love, Simon

Photo Courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Temple Hill Productions .


Love, Simon is an LGBTQ movie unlike any other, focusing on friendship, coming to realization with oneself and the truth to how people react to the news. Featuring Nick Robinson, Katherine Langford, Keiynan Lonsdale, Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Garner. When an anonymous email goes out to all the students at, the main character, Simon Spier’s high school, he has to face an astonishing amount of drama.

Simon responds back to the email under the name Jacque and the film follows the interaction throughout the movie. Simon and an anonymous emailer who goes by the name Blue have a continuous conversation while Simon continues to try and put a face to the name. During the movie, Simon singles out 3 possible love interests in which many audience members find themselves trying to pick out who was truly the one. Simon questions the idea of everything that involves coming out to family and friends. With a twist and turn, Simon has to deal with someone who will leak the truth about Simon unless he helps him get with one of his friends. 

The story can be described as a teenage heartthrob. With indescribable friendships going through a challenge, mirroring an everyday high school friendship. A young high school boy going through a scavenger hunt to find his Blue. Is most likely a moment everyone from the LGBTQ community has been apart of.

Being a part of the LGBTQ Community and understanding the stress of coming out and feeling accepted in a high school community can cause a lot of drama. So getting this representation was amazing. Being able to see teens walk out of the movies with tears streaming down their face and saying that they were so happy to be apart of something bigger was astonishing.