Dogfight: PDA on Valentines Day

A dogfight is an opinions argument that gives two different perspectives on a current issue.

PDA is Okay (to an Extent) on Valentines Day


Cartoon by Delila Grubaugh

PDA or Public Display of Affection is a reoccurring endeavor in schools all around. Especially in high schools where students begin to mature the most. Many staff and faculty members highly rule against students showing certain types of affection towards each other and will scowl anyone they catch in these acts. This rule of course is hard to follow for most students who are young and “in love.”

PDA is a general definition for all forms of affection. Even something as simple as putting your head on someone else shoulder could be linked to it. So why are these small actions being given the biggest punishment while the acts our school and many others specifically prohibit being ignored?

A lot of the actions that are considered intolerable and wrong on campus usually happen in places where teachers and staff members can’t see or at times when no one is around. It is unfair for the people that just need someone to hold when they’re feeling down or want to show their care for another by holding their hand with no bad intentions are put in the most trouble.

Restraint of displaying affection is especially difficult on a day that has been made to solely circle around romance. Valentine’s Day is known as a time for love and celebration of that special someone in your life and yes, you can still express your affections without physical interaction but most people wish to show their feelings through those types of actions. Granted forms of PDA such as kissing should still be prohibited; other forms such as holding someone or laying your head on them should be allowed to an extent at least on a day like this as long as it’s moderated and does not escalate to anything genuinely inappropriate. If students can show maturity and appropriate behavior during Valentine’s Day then there really shouldn’t be any problem with small public displays of affection.

PDA is Not Okay on Valentines Day


It is almost that time of year again where all the couples get to spend the day doing whatever they want to express their undying love for each other whenever they want: Valentine’s Day. It is during this day that lovers express the love that they have for one another, however,, the number one way that they express said emotion is through the extremely uncomfortable acts of PDA, or public displays of affection. There is nothing wrong with these acts in anyway, it just gets uncomfortable when everywhere you go for the day you see couples unashamedly display these acts with complete disregard to anyone else around them.

The public displays eventually serve as distractions to those that are either uncomfortable or dislike these acts and ultimately hinder them as well, yet the displays continue to be prominent. It appears that couples apparently have absolutely no other way to show their love for one another besides playing tonsil hockey in areas they believe are inconspicuous. Of course there are other ways for couples to show their love; however, when these acts can be seen nearly the entire day it just becomes uncomfortable at worst and a nuisance at best.

The displays won’t end, but there is no need to continue showing these acts within the presence of many other individuals. Should for whatever the reason be that your relationships need physical and/or intimate contact with each other than surely you two can survive a few hours without being in proximity with one another. All that needs to be done on Valentine’s Day is for you and your significant other not publicly display acts of affection for a few hours so no one is uncomfortable and it doesn’t become a distraction for other students and a nuisance for the staff and teachers.