Practice Makes Perfect


WCHS girls varsity tennis season came to an end on Oct. 27 with a range of wins and loses throughout the season as well as many improvements and skills taught. With all of effort and team involvement put forth, this tennis season was definitely a great experience for all of the girls.

The season had a surprising five wins throughout, which is an improvement from last year’s tennis team. Along with the improvement in wins, the girls also showed in improvement in their individual skills an20161018_152828d enthusiasm when playing.

“It was a great improvement; we had some girls that were really dedicated to improving, and they showed it in their games…I saw people appreciating what tennis provided for them as far as understanding what teamwork was, about understanding what hard work is about. I saw girls build their character through all of the things we went through this season,” coach David Beck said.

Throughout the season, they had faced some obstacles like not having any personal training or more professional help to improve their game play. Goals to help conquer some obstacles are to have each girl put in more effort in attempting to improve their skills as well has having a fuller interest in the sport.

“It takes a lot of hard work. Next year, we’re going to have to get it going and really start building those skills in the summer and really work hard in doing some more things: doing some more skill buildings, working on those, and doing some strategics things,” Beck said.