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Fright Night Lights


What do you want to be for Halloween? A ghost? Maybe a scary clown? For all varsity football players, they don’t have a choice because that’s exactly what they’re going to be–football players. That’s definitely not how I would want to spend my Halloween.

Think about all the people that don’t get to spend their Halloween the traditional way: the players, the parents, cheerleaders, band, colorguard, and whatever team is doing the halftime performance.

Worst of all, the younger siblings of the athletes and performers sit there and watch a football game if their parents can’t find a babysitter willing to take their kids trick or treating.

I know for some people it sounds cool. Football on Halloween! Let’s wear our costumes to the game! But who is going to want to stay the whole time and miss out on scary movie nights with friends or all that free candy?

The idea of scheduling the game is inconsiderate to the players, performing arts, and the fans. Especially since it’s the last home football game, therefore senior night for football, cheer, band, and colorguard.

 When I looked at my Bulldog planner and saw that there was a game on Halloween, I was surprised that CIF scheduled games on that night. I would’ve suggested having the game on a Thursday and freshman and JV football’s game on Wednesday.

Football players alone have to spend at least eight hours after school to do their stretches and warm ups. Its just a bad time to schedule a game on Halloween.

The next time Halloween lands on a Friday Hacienda League officials should remember how many people it is affecting.

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