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Administration sends a message with signs on girls restrooms

Violet Vazquez-Rios
A simulated photo taken Mar. 12 of multiple students all in one M restroom stall, violating the rule of the sign applied on the door.

Over the years restrooms have been a continuous  issue for students and staff such as sanitary issues, vaping, and privacy. There have been significant changes in the restrooms such as taller restroom stalls installed last school year for more privacy, cleaner restrooms and more supplies. Conditions have changed for the better but there are still issues focused mainly on the girls  restrooms. Recently the administration put up signs mostly on the girls M restroom that read “ONE PERSON AT A TIME ALLOWED IN THE STALL” leaving many confused as it seemed self explanatory. However, some students agreed with it because of the problems with the restrooms over the years. 

 “Some students have reported to us that when they go in there they are in the presence of some scents  that they shouldn’t be smelling,” said Assistant Principal Josefina Steinmetz. 

Many staff and students have agreed that there should not be certain scents like that. Students have had interactions with the problem or at least know what’s going on. Senior Mia Casas noticed the signs as well. 

 “I think they put the signs up for students who skip their classes and to go in the restrooms to smoke or do things they aren’t supposed to be doing,” said Casas. 

Since this has been going on for multiple years already the school has placed a security guard right in front of the girls restrooms, but not much change has been effected. This is largely in part to it not being a big deal to some students. The new signs are meant to directly confront those who are using the restroom stalls for drug use. 

 “I think it’s pretty obvious one person per stall, but it doesn’t really affect me, it’s mainly just for the people who smoke and skip,” said Casas. 

Senior Tania Torres had something similar to say. She reported a sense of indifference since it’s targeted towards those who have more than one in the stall or the ones who are doing things they aren’t supposed to be doing. 

A Sign posted on the M girls restroom door by administration Mar. 1. The main goal of these signs is to encourage actual restroom use.. “I think it’s pretty obvious one person per stall, but it doesn’t really affect me,” said senior Mia Casas. “It’s mainly just for the people who smoke and skip.”

Many students would also agree with this and that it may not affect them, but it does as the restroom is always packed. The lines are long and sometimes crowded so restrooms are uncomfortable because there are so many people in one stall or just in the restroom.

Overall staff is trying to address the issue as best as possible while coming up with different solutions. It’s common for students to gather in the restroom and do things they aren’t supposed to be doing or just things you don’t do in a restroom like drugs, skipping class or just hanging out. Some people are not able to properly use the restroom.

“Some students even eat on the restroom floor,” said Steinmetz. “That is not sanitary.” 

“We made the Wellness Center available. We asked permission to open it early in the morning. We have staff that has been dedicated to make sure that the students have places to go and as you know third and fourth period the Wellness Center is also open,” Steinmetz continued. 

Administration’s goal is to encourage students to not hang out in the restrooms and allow students to use the restrooms comfortably.

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