Follow up: Change at West Covina


A student scans her digital ID in the front office to leave the school on March 3. Photo Credits: Salma Valle

Estrella Ponce De Leon, Staff Writer

Administration implemented changes following previous articles that raised concerns about the restrooms and issues with the attendance office.

As a result of An ongoing problem, when will it end? and discussions during House of Representatives, restrooms have started getting power washed every two weeks and new stalls have been installed in B, E, and M Buildings to further provide privacy.

“We clean the restrooms every day, but also we’re paying overtime for custodians to clean it on the weekends with a power wash,” said Principal Dr. Charles Park.

New mirrors have also been installed in the boys restrooms.

“We have brand new mirrors, now I know that there may be mirrors in some of the girls restrooms, but this is brand new for the boys,” said Assistant Principal Rene Vela.

There are more improvements coming to the restrooms such as new toilet seats and urinal partitions for the boys restrooms. 

In response to When there’s no office staff in sight more office staff have been present and monitoring who comes in and out of campus.

“One of the things we realized was that there was a gap in terms of the entry point… We’ve positioned our staff where we have more staff in the front door area,” said Park.

New scanners have also been placed in the office where students who have a free sixth or off-campus lunch scan their IDs.

“Those scanners are directly tied to the digital ID and as students exit from period six you can scan and if you have an off-campus pass it automatically logs,” said Park.

Not only are there more changes to come in the front office and restroom, but as well as around the campus with new culinary equipment, a golf simulator, new paint for the inside of the gym, and more.

Administration has listened to these issues that occur on campus and made changes to try and better the school.