UNICEF’s 13th annual Karaoke Night


Kassandra Aguirre

Poster hangs outside the NPR room made by UNICEF club members to advertise the event.

Kassandra Aguirre, Assistant Editor

UNICEF hosted its 13th annual Karaoke Night last Friday in the MPR room from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. UNICEF is a worldwide humanitarian aid program for children implemented in high schools nationwide to help raise funds for the organization and get students involved. 

“School is very stressful so they (students) get to sing their hearts out… it’s so much fun laughing at their friends and getting to see them be silly, it’s a good break for them,” said UNICEF advisor Liz Chu. 

Students were able to select any song and performed it as long as it was performed in a “clean” version. Students performed songs such as “Super Bass” by Nicki Minaj, “Bad Habit” by Steve Lacey and “Breaking Free” from High School Musical. 

To end off the night, everyone in the audience gathered on the stage and performed Jason Segel’s “Am I A Muppet”. Afterwards, UNICEF officers continued the tradition of singing the final song, which was “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson. 

“I think it’s the positive energy that makes it so special, everyone’s really into it,” said sophomore Jacob Caonongo.