Puffs, and the family behind the production


Actors (from left) Apollo Lozano, Maryjane Tafoya, Annika Saucedo, and Lyannah Tibere calming their nerves before the start of the play last Friday. Photo Credit: Kassandra Aguirre

Kassandra Aguirre, Social Media Editor

The cast of this year’s final theater production, Puffs, took their bow last Friday as the crowd clapped in amazement. The actors’ faces filled with pride and some, especially seniors, eyes filled with tears of joy. 

Puffs is a spin-off of J.K. Rowling’s world-famous series Harry Potter. It follows Wayne Hopkins and his fellow Hufflepuffs’ mission to rise in the ranks of Hogwarts while always seeming to fall into the shadow of Harry Potter. From humorous plot twists of not-so-evil mothers to a romance between Wayne’s two best friends Megan Jones and Oliver Rivers, Puffs had everything – love, tragedy, humor, suspense, drama, and more. However, what truly brought the play to life was the acting of the cast. 

Sophomore Julianna Othmer, student director of the play and actor of six characters, had only been in one theater production before Puffs and was surprised to be asked to tackle the role.

“Being asked to direct this was insane. I’m very excited but also nervous,” Othmer said. 

Student director Julianna Othmer after receiving flowers for her performance. Photo Credit: Kassandra Aguirre

Despite their nerves, Othmer and the rest of the cast rose to the occasion and performed miraculously. The lights, the action, and the delivery of the lines can all be seen by the audience; however, there’s so much more. The secret behind the stunning performances lies in the tight-knit community of the cast. Watching their rehearsal, communication flowed seamlessly through them as they worked together to make sure the execution was perfect. 

Along with their strong communicative success, the genuine care and sense of friendship created a bond that all the actors can depend on. Sophomore Apollo Lozano, actor for the character Oliver Rivers, spoke in regards to his experience coming to West Covina from an out-of-district school. 

“It’s like a bond that you grow with people that will never diminish. That’s the highlight, the bonds you can create,” Lozano said.

As the cast stood on the stage and recited their lines, tech theater worked silently to advance the beauty of the play. Positions ranged from making sure the actors have all the props needed to manipulating the lights to set the mood. 

With so many positions and opportunities in theater, it’s somewhere anyone could go to find a welcoming community and to learn new skills. Senior Alex Castillo, actor for the character Jay Finch, shared his advice to incoming freshmen and underclassmen.

“Try something, when I was a freshman and I would hear seniors say stuff like this I wouldn’t care, but now that I’m a senior I really regret not doing it,” he said.

The theater is the perfect home for anyone who wishes to break out of their shell and shape themselves in a community of like-minded people. If Puffs and other musicals performed by the theater department speak for their passion and skill, everyone should have their eyes on them.