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    Sifat Khan’s inspirational journey

    Photo courtesy of Sifat Khan
    Math and AVID teacher Sifat Khan has been a big support to her students by helping them whenever they need the help or simply by checking up on them. “Sometimes the kids need me emotionally, and like mentally so I mean, I support them in that and help them out in those areas as well,” said Khan.

    Many subjects at school can be intimidating which can make students feel pressured or as if it is too much work at times. The common stereotype that math is one of the most confusing and challenging subjects has inspired teachers like Sifat Khan to help students learn the subject in a fun and engaging way. Throughout her time teaching on campus, Khan has inspired and has become a friend to many students, overall facilitating their educational journey. 

    Raised in Riverside, Calif., Khan has been a part of the West Covina staff for four years as a math teacher, class of 2026 AVID advisor, and class of 2025 class council advisor. Growing up, Khan always had three options in mind: be a pilot, study cosmetology, or be a teacher. What inspired her to begin her journey as a math teacher was seeing her own teachers help students learn.

    “I think I had amazing teachers throughout my elementary school like middle school and high school… they inspired me all together, especially one of my AVID and math teachers,” said Khan. 

    Some students’ favorite characteristics of Khan are her humorous and outgoing personality. Many students find humor in the joking rivalry between Khan and history teacher Paul Gordon because it makes them feel the sense of comfort and welcoming environment Khan has created. 

    “I’m just the way I am outside. That’s exactly how I am as I’m teaching, and they could really see my personality and the realness I guess. I’m also understanding, so just trying to understand each kid and letting them have a voice in class,” said Khan.

    Her lively personality has not only helped students do well in school, but has also been inspirational to some as this year she was recognized as one of the top 10 most inspirational teachers on campus. 

    “I think it’s because she’s such a great friend to a lot of students in AVID and math. It allows students to build a teacher-student friendship with her…plus she always encourages people to do things outside of their comfort zone to become someone they love…she is a wonderful inspiration for me,” said sophomore Raylene Guadron.

    Khan awards certificates to some of her AVID students on AVID award night in the cafeteria on February seventh. Sophomore Raylene Guadron feels Khan’s friendly personality ever since her freshman year when she first joined AVID. She especially likes that Khan always assures her students to understand the math lesson by providing extra help if needed. “The best thing has to be how she makes sure everyone has to understand the lesson, by pulling students aside to teach privately and slower so they fully understand,” said Guadron.

    Another way Khan makes students find comfort in her classroom is by always having a welcoming spirit that makes them feel comfortable spending time in her classroom during lunch and nutrition. Not only does she leave her classroom open for her students to come in anytime but she also makes sure they’re okay by checking up on them.

    “Her classroom environment is very easy going. Lots of students choose to hangout there because of the welcoming environment. Also having it be our class council room, it almost feels like a second home to students,” said junior Yoanna Hanna. 

    One way Khan makes teaching easier for both her students and herself is by collaborating with other teachers in the same department. By creating pacing guides with AVID and math teacher Carolina Gonzalez-Boix and coming up with new ideas for their lessons, Khan has built a great friendship with Gonzalez that is reflected in their student’s academic successes. 

    “We are always thinking of ideas together, putting the pacing guide together… At the end, like my purpose, and my goal is to help the students. She’s a big support to me,” said Khan. 

    Khan expresses her love for fellow math colleague and AVID partner Carolina Gonzalez-Boix and acknowledges what a big support she has been for her throughout her teaching career. “We always are like, thinking of ideas together…my bestie, she’s a big support to me. Of course, there are times when we’re not collaborating because we teach different classes,” said Khan.
    (Carolina Gonzalez-Boix)

    Ultimately, Khan’s supportive and easygoing personality has helped students try new things, and has also been a major positive impact on their academic performance.

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