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The benefits of having a job as a student

Jayden Jefferson is awarded January employee of the month for his hard work at Sprouts grocery store. Despite the job’s challenges, Jefferson remained a hard worker,was responsible, and managed his money well, and was acknowledged by his supervisors. “I think it’s smart to have a job at any age, if you can manage it, it depends on how you spend your money and what you like to do,” said Jefferson.

According to the State Of California Department Of Industrial Relations, 20.3% of high school students are employed. The minimum wage this year is $16.00 an hour according to state minimum wage legislation but $20.00 an hour for fast food. It is a challenge to work while in high school, but it’s a rewarding experience being able to pay for personal items and build self-responsibility. For high schoolers looking to join the workforce, it’s important to get a job that is flexible and allows for enough time to manage personal life and schoolwork.

Being in high school is a time to create a plan and figure out what to do with the future. Senior Jayden Jefferson began working  at Sprouts grocery market in the Eastland Center last year  to begin saving money for personal reasons.  

With his job, Jefferson learned to manage school and work by sacrificing  his sleep as he often closes around 11 pm. This then requires him to stay up late to complete homework. Although Jefferson earned and worked for his money, he learned to save and reward himself with such things as clothes. 

“I think working at an early age and getting job experience now will also be beneficial in the future, so it’s a mix between self discipline and clothes,”said Jefferson. 

Jayden Jefferson with his manager Robert Owen at Sprouts grocery store on May 8. “Work has taught me a lot and I really enjoy my job as of right now,” said Jefferson.

Working was enjoyable for Jefferson in the beginning, but over time it became more of a chore. There were times when he  couldn’t  hang out with friends or go places because of work, which frustrated him . He ultimately decided that having money provided  opportunities so it was worth the sacrifice. If manageable, having a job at any age can, as Jefferson decided, offer further opportunities for those who pursue careers. For instance, having work experience is beneficial to landing jobs in the future and can set teenagers apart. It also teaches patience and how to talk to others while  being responsible with money management.   

“Working in high school is rewarding because I’m able to support myself and it gives me something to do, and teaches me how to act in a work environment at an early age. It also looks good on my resume for a future job,” said Jefferson. 

Having a job in high school is beneficial for students because not only are they able to develop necessary skills, that enables them to take initiative and prepare themselves for adulthood. 



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