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Seniors splash into senior assassin

Brianna Montes
Senior Aztlan Melendez stands outside keeping watch and on guard. Since senior assassin takes place off campus, anybody taking part is prone to being encountered by their opponents outside. “Me and a few of my friends that are on the same team sit there for hours on call and texting saying what our strategy was like, ‘If this person is out then these people gotta stay inside,” said Acosta.

As the final weeks of school quickly near, many seniors have teamed up for a game of senior assassin. On May 1, regular routines were turned into missions as it started as soon as the bell rang.

Senior assassin is a game in which the senior class of a school gather in teams with their friends and participate in eliminating their peers that they are given as a target. The game takes place off campus until seniors’ last day after school on May 30.

Preparation is not taken lightly. Players set out beforehand to gather water guns, Orbeez guns and Nerf guns to protect themselves as well as floaties and goggles, which are used as protection. Teams are created amongst students and are placed against each other. 

“First I went to Walmart and bought a bunch of water guns and floaties and a pair of goggles, and the day after I went to the 99 cent store because since they’re closing there’s a big sale,” said senior Jared Acosta.

“There’s an in-game chat and we can all text on there called ‘Splashin,’’’ said senior Jaylah Zepeda, who started the game.

Students show off their water guns and goggles, proving their preparation. Long before it started, students and their teams spread out to buy water guns, goggles and more as they are required in order to keep safe. “I made an Instagram account and on it I gave rules for everybody to see. I followed everybody. I went to friend’s pages and followed people they followed,” said Zepeda. (Brianna Montes)

On the app, “Splashin”, participants can communicate with each other. It also gave the ability to view locations of the opponents of participants every ten minutes. That is unless you decide to buy the premium subscription, allowing you to see the location of your opponents at all times and even “taunt” them by sending anonymous messages on the app.

“We were messaged by our opponents on the first night,” said Acosta.

Senior assassin is not just a game of chase as many memories are created throughout and is one of the ways to have fun with your fellow peers before graduating.

“It’s something so out of the blue and people don’t really expect a game where we all come together. It’s funny because it’s a bunch of people who didn’t even know each other before,” said Zepeda.

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