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Turning big dreams into content

James Flores
James Flores recreates the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World album cover. Flores currently has over 40,000 subscribers and over 3 million views on his YouTube channel.

YouTube is an online platform that provides video-sharing services and a chance to let creativity flow into the millions of videos that are uploaded every day. With tons of videos to view from many different creators, there come fans and supporters subscribing to their favorite creators and wanting to see more. Sophomore James Flores has delved into the path of what it’s like to create content for the public.

Starting in 2015, Flores had the common fantasy of other kids his age growing up with YouTube. Being famous and widely known for simply creating content. One YouTuber Flores has said to be his favorite and stayed with him all throughout growing up is CoryxKenshin, a gaming YouTuber with close to 18 million subscribers. 

Flores’ personal computer and setup on Feb. 21 where most of his videos are recorded. With more revenue adding up from YouTube, Flores was able to buy a better PC that has improved the quality of his videos. (James Flores)

Most of Flores’ content would be rooted from small ideas that he would have in his mind at the time. It wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic that Flores spent most of his time playing games with friends, who would very soon come up with his username, Gentoi.          

The topic of gaming is prevalent in Flores’ videos, with several videos focusing on games such as Garry’s Mod and Rainbow Six Siege. Another topic present on his channel is animation. Flores has been animating since 2018, after being inspired by how animation can be used to create engaging content either in movies or on YouTube. He has even taken thus far as taking animation as a career path in the future, being a freelance animator.

“YouTube was a side thing, that like I just did here and there whenever I felt like inspired and ‘Oh, this idea might work,’” said Flores.

As Flores got more support from friends to start making YouTube videos into a reality, he started to connect to other YouTubers along the way. One fellow YouTuber with the username, eddygar, became good friends with Flores. With 100,000 subscribers on his channel, Eddy was one of the biggest contributors to help Flores where he is at now. This newfound hobby has given Flores many memories that he looks back on and takes as an honor.

“Animation and art is my true passion,” said Flores.

Being motivated is one of the key things to being persistent. For Flores, his motivator is to entertain people. With many comments from people wanting to have more appearances of Flores’ friends, he feels encouraged to give the fans what they want. 

The comment section is also a vital part of what keeps Flores going, seeing the positivity and attention he receives on videos makes him want to achieve more with his channel, while still persevering through whatever life passes his way. 

“When you make videos about you and friends having fun, just doing random stuff and people like that, like watch it, it’s a really good feeling that people like you and your friends for your chemistry and how funny you guys are,” said Flores.

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