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Closure of 99 Cents Only Stores forces people to shop elsewhere

Allen J. Schaben
A store wide closure sale for the 99 Cents Store caused locals to rush to the store and buy as much as they can.

Due to losses of revenue, 99 Cents Only Stores are permanently closing, which will affect locals. Many rely on 99 Cents Only Stores to purchase groceries or items at an inexpensive  price. Some may not afford to go to a regular grocery  store due to high prices, especially with inflation. 

The first 99 Cents Only Store was founded August 13, 1982 in Los Angeles by Dave and Sherry Gold according to the official store website. 42 years later, the stores struggled to stay open due to inflation and the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the store’s struggles, locals want these stores to remain open as they depend on it.

“For others, it’s probably a bad thing because there are a lot of cheap things that helps those live, but for me personally, it’s not that big of a problem,” said senior Dominic Coulter.

Alongside affordable groceries, many students rely on 99 Cents Only Stores for school projects, and appropriately priced  maintenance as they sell hardware supplies. There is a range of products people can buy at the 99 Cents Only Stores that other dollar stores don’t have and students may use these to maintain minor maintenance problems or use these products for school projects.

The inside of a 99 cents store shows empty shelves and sale signs stating that things were 10 to 30 percent off. Shoppers bought out almost everything due to the closures of 99 Cents Only Stores. (Sean Hammersmeier)

“I feel sad at the fact that they can’t afford to stay open and having a job is already hard enough but now the prices are rising, and now I gotta work harder for the same amount” said senior Abel Aranda.

Many locals rely on 99 Cents Only Stores, especially those with low income. With stores closing and raising prices such as at Dollar Tree, increasing from a dollar to $1.75 due to inflation, some low income families can’t afford to sustain the basic needs to live.  Dollar stores are following these paths making them a remembrance of the past. 

The 99 Cents Only Store has recently held sales on products due to the closures. Stores are expected to fully close down in the span of a few months.

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