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Pressures being in leadership

ASB takes a formal photo before their weekly class meetings held every Thursday with the endless workshop hours due and high expectations, causing them to reconsider their priorities while being in the class.


Junior Sabrina Ayala’s primary campaign image during the elections for 2024-2025 ASB vice president taken on Feb. 8. Ayala has been involved in leadership since her freshman year and has learned to manage her schedule by doing things such as dancing, listening to music, and finding other ways to take care of her health.

Leadership is often seen as a position of authority and influence and with that lies pressure that tests the skills of the most experienced leaders. Leaders constantly face a barrage of challenges, expectations, and responsibilities that can exert immense pressure on their shoulders. They must make critical decisions, inspire others, and navigate complex situations all while bearing the weight of accountability for outcomes. High school leadership is serious as it can be due to the pressure it comes with such as planning student and staff events and more responsibility the role comes with. 


Impact on leaders demands pressure and can take a toll on individuals in various ways, physically and mentally. Emotions can be high because of the pressure. Being in leadership comes with the sacrifice of time and personal life. Time management is a key to being a good leader to complete deadlines as overwhelming yourself can lead to procrastination. 


Junior Sabrina Ayala, commissioner of recognition and soon-to-be vice president of ASB for the 2024-2025 school year, has been in leadership for four years. Being commissioner of recognition she recognizes cultures and throws events for the students like trick-or-treating stations on Halloween and more. One of her biggest pressures is not wanting to disappoint students and always feeling like she has eyes on her. 


“As a leader I feel like I have a lot of weight of responsibilities on me, keeping up good grades while also maintaining a good attitude and looking after myself. It’s hard because sometimes I feel like I can’t take breaks while working since I have a group that I’m responsible for working with,” said Ayala. 


The toughest part of leadership is balancing out the time to enjoy free time and getting priorities done. It’s also difficult at first to see people as coworkers, trying to get our action items done. According to Ayala People don’t appreciate it as a whole so ASB constantly tries doing things that satisfy students on campus.  Ayala enjoys making students satisfied and  loves the pressure when it comes to events. It’s a happy feeling seeing everything being put together, and hard work coming out amazing According to Ayala.


“My time management progressively got better over my years in ASB. I try to make notes of what time I do what, usually workshops, practice late, and homework when I finally get home. I’m still working on it” said Ayala.


It is important to acknowledge leadership pressure as understanding a student’s limits and vulnerabilities is crucial for managing pressure effectively. Embracing growth and a mindset and seeking opportunities for learning and development equips leaders with the skills they navigate. 


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