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Exploring the impact of insecurities on students’ success

A’merie Bequer
Insecurities can prevent people from seeking out their ambitions. “Exploring the impacts on student’s success” explores how those struggling with insecurity can overcome their struggle and become successful while feeling accomplished. “I think insecurities affect students by letting them feel alone and thinking they struggle alone, and those insecurities become their own doubts and their own obstacles and they become their biggest critic,” said Wellness Advisor Jennifer Sun.

High school students often struggle with insecurities and the setback that follows often does not allow them to expand to their full potential. Despite their common occurrence, insecurities are often overlooked by others, leading students to feel uncertainty.

Senior Gabrielle Manuel, who is involved as vice president for Associated Student Body (ASB), Performing Arts Academy (PAA) and has maintained consistent academics all four years, has faced common struggles with insecurities in the process of achieving the work she’s completed. 

Students’ struggles are commonly related with physical appearances or the way they are perceived, but many students struggle with other forms such as the fear of being a burden, self doubt with the ability to succeed or any form of academic insecurity. Even though these are insecurities students face, it’s often not talked about as much as other insecurities. 

“There’s still that fear of not being able to do it as well as the other person and that still stops me especially in performing because the constant comparisons and not wanting to be a burden is something I still struggle with even as a senior,” said Manuel.

Since this often goes undiscussed, those suffering can develop feelings of anxiety towards completing their goals whether it’s surrounding academics or sports. The uncertainty often holds back students and does not allow for new experiences and opportunities. 

While insecurities can cause students to create their own personal bubble and not let them expand, many find coping ways to work towards being able to push past the insecurities to achieve their goals. Manuel recalled a moment of experiencing insecurities within the aspects of leadership, her junior year when she had ran for class council president but did not attain the position as she held the class council president position throughout her freshman and sophomore year. 

“I do a lot of reflection and it comes to a point where I either do this or I don’t do it… it really comes down to if I want to keep doing this… the answer is always ‘yes,’” said Manuel.

This hardship could have been a setback in her high school career, but instead made it possible to push through and achieve the vice president position for ASB with having a positive mindset towards the situation.

“For leadership for students I’ve failed tests, I’ve messed up in performances, I’ve lost elections but like I said the impact and what I do after has been more effective for me as a person but also I think campus as well,” said Manuel.

Students often share the universal feeling of letting themselves think they’re struggling alone in any situation due to feeling insecure and not speaking up about it, this can lead students to feel lonely in a situation when there are others going through the same experiences.

“Everybody has their own struggles and we relate to each other more than we realize and once we know what our own struggles are, what our insecurities are, then we can address it and figure out how to move forward… my question always starts with ‘do you know how to love yourself and what does that look like’ and I think with teenagers that’s a big struggle because they don’t know that,” said Wellness Advisor Jennifer Sun.

If you’re struggling with insecurities and need additional help the Wellness Center is available and open for students to use during 3rd and 4th period. 

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