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Principal Charles Park captivates student body

Yen Edwards-Benton
Principal Charles Park celebrates with varsity football team at Kings of Cameron game Sept. 10, 2023 at Covina district field.

A school principal’s tasks vary daily depending on their schedules. Engaging in school activities and events may not always fit in their busy schedules, yet Principal Charles Park defies this. Despite having nonstop tasks, Park makes it a priority to attend and participate in school activities, events and games. In an Instagram poll that asked whether or not Park attended school games, 56% of students claimed that Park attended their games, and 44% wished Park would attend. 

“We have 1800 hundred students. I find it meaningful when I get to know the kids,” said Park.

With a large number of students on campus, remembering all names is nearly impossible, but Park challenges himself by trying to memorize each one.

Park utilizes his West Covina Mug Book, a book that contains photos of every student, to memorize students’ names to help him engage with them.

“This is book I have, it is a picture book of every student. What I try to do is memorize some names and if I see the student I call them out. It becomes a conversation,” said Park.

Many students on campus express that Park continues to put his picture book to use, working to memorize every student’s name equally.

“He remembers everybody’s name…you can be a freshman or sophomore and he still remembers your name which is crazy to me,” said sophomore Nestor Martinez. 

Park has multiple inspirations that motivate him to be engaged with the student body, but emphasizes that every student’s accomplishments fills him with a sense of pride.

“In the past, the principals have not been supportive and this year there was a drastic change with the administration and they are showing up to support the sports,” said senior cross country/track and soccer player Lindsey Grady. 

Sports, for example, have multiple matches in a day. Park attends each game and likes to follow up with athletes afterwards. 

“I see their stats and when I see them on campus, I ask them a follow up question. I say I know you’ve worked hard on getting rebounds, but you missed that one rebound. What is your plan next time?” said Park. 

Park is open to trying new things in consideration of student preferences. To the best of his ability, Park plans, provides financial support and aid to make anything possible for students. 

“We are not a school that has limitations, if a kid says ‘we want to try it’ I will find the money and we will try to do it,” said Park.

Park’s constant support, encouragement and attentiveness has students appreciating his work and job as a whole, more than previous principals. 

“Thank you so much Dr. Park for showing up, posting about sports and showing admiration towards our hard work. Even if are not winning still come to show support,” said Grady.

Students, teachers, administrators, principals, and people in general may believe that there is only so much time to complete all tasks. Park makes it look easy as he continues to do his job while going above and beyond for students.

As Park says, “the sky’s the limit.”

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