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Romantic comedy film ‘Anyone but You’ goes viral

Promo poster for 2023 film “Anyone but You.”

Theaters welcomed the new romantic comedy film “Anyone but You” on Dec. 22, 2023 starring Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell. The anticipated film begins with characters Bea (Sweeney) and Ben (Powell) meeting at a coffee shop then leading to a date. Although their date goes great, they soon end up forming a hatred bond towards each other causing them to never speak again. As the film progresses, they unexpectedly meet again for a wedding in Australia.

The film went viral on TikTok when the song “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield came out in the film, as it is Ben’s comfort song other known as his “serenity song”. Many people who saw the film began posting videos of themselves after watching the film to the song. Others posted themselves singing it at the top of their lungs in their cars. The song contains comforting lyrics that speak on how one should live their lives without the expectations of others and not letting people choose what path one needs to go on. 

Creators on TikTok reviewed the movie, calling it the “romcom of the century,” while other creators expressed how it was just as predictable as any other film of the same genre. 

“Honestly, I really liked it. I think it’s like one of my top three rom coms, I would want to see it again,” said senior Yesenia Munoz.

Ben and Bea stranded in the ocean after falling off a yacht and the moment they started to get to know each other on a deeper level. (New York Times)

During the film, Bea and Ben have no choice but to be around each other despite their feud. They end up causing problems that frustrates everyone, especially the brides that are getting married. The brides’ families have no choice but to try and solve their problems by making a plan to make Ben and Bea think that they like each other to ease their hatred. 

Soon Ben and Bea figure out the plan that their friends had in mind and they ultimately decide to play along with it and date, since it would help Bea make her ex-fiance go away, while Ben would try to make an old love interest jealous. As time progressed, they slowly started getting along and began to form a friendship. After spending a night together, they realized that their feelings for each other were real. 

“This movie really showed that you can hate someone so much that you slowly start to fall in love with them without even realizing it,” said sophomore Ambar Muralles.

Ben chasing after Bea to confess his love. (IMDb)

As many have their own thoughts about the film, this film was entertaining, especially how it contained many funny and heartwarming moments. Altogether the film showed more of a comedic end than most romantic comedies. Although the film was predictable as to how it would end it still shows how far one is willing to go for love, or how one can unexpectedly fall in love with someone they never thought of in that way.

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