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Tyler Wigglesworth of the PAA: Turning hobby into passion

Aidan Renteria
Wigglesworth challenges his Chorale students to follow along with different chironomy gestures. Each side follows a different gesture as they continue to sing the chorus of “The Heavens Tell The Glory of God”

Tyler Wigglesworth has been the lead chorale director since 2013. Originally going to college believing in becoming a worship pastor, he joined choir as part of a scholarship program. Wigglesworth was driven into pursuing choir as a career after attending the first rehearsal. 

“When I sat down for the first rehearsal I realized ‘Oh that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life,’” said Wigglesworth.

Watching his choir director in college “play the ensemble,” is what inspired Wigglesworth to not only continue with choir, but to direct it himself. All musicians play instruments, but playing the ensemble is to guide those musicians to play hand in hand together. 

He found this opportunity in the education system where he discovered a new passion in educating younger generations in music.

“I’ve developed a passion for not only conducting and playing the ensemble but also training up the next generation of singers,” said Wigglesworth. 

Many students have found a passion for music because of Wigglesworth. He has created an environment where students have grown not only in music, but as people by providing his students with an environment where they can create bonds through music.

¨Wiggs is all about family choir, he make sure that we´re family even if we don’t like each other,” said sophomore Audrina Martinez.

Wigglesworth has not only taught his students how to create music, but also how to connect to it. Teaching his students has helped with how they can relate to all their music. 

“He helped me not only understand the notes and rhythms of the song, but he helped me understand the deeper meaning and helped me understand my own personal connection to the song,” said Apollo Loranzo. 

Wigglesworth created “Coffee House” to allow students to sing their interpretations of music and their own original songs. Coffee House is a choir event that takes place at the Bulldog Cafe where choir students volunteer to sing while donuts and coffee are sold. Coffee House gives chorale students the freedom to express their individuality through music. 

“They’re doing different arrangements of their own music and that’s one of the cool things about this department. It’s really versatile,¨ said Wigglesworth. 

Through classes and concerts, Wigglesworth had turned music into more than just a class in highschool but a career to pursue.

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