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Festive Flourish: Unwrapping the best ways to celebrate the holidays

AdriaVidal on
FaceTimeing family and friends during Christmas provides a virtual way to connect and share the holiday spirit, especially when long distances prevent in-person gatherings

The holiday season has arrived with moments filled with warmth, joy, and most importantly, connecting with those you hold dear. As festive spirit is in the air, exploring meaningful ways to celebrate and bond becomes a cherished tradition. Here’s a guide to help you create lasting memories and strengthen your connections during this wonderful time of the year.

Gathering your loved ones around a festive table adorned with holiday dishes, whether it’s a cherished family recipe or collaborative cooking experience, it can create a sense of togetherness and unity. Senior Alexia Doan shared her experience on how she does this, explaining the active roles that her family takes to make their celebration more cheerful.

“My family often bakes or makes food. I know that some of our other, distant families are richer so they prepare gifts for us, which is really nice,” said Doan.

Family feasts go beyond the act of simply sharing a meal; they are opportunities to strengthen family bonds and create family traditions. You can turn ordinary meals into extraordinary moments that resonate with the feeling of togetherness.

The process of making tamales is a great way to bring people together with shared effort and teamwork. It also allows the passing down of recipes and cultural practices. (Rudri Patel on

Another idea to take in mind is the use of technology, using it to capture, preserve and share holiday moments in creative ways.

“For my uncle who lives in Idaho we have FaceTime on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day. We just call and have a good time and make jokes,” said sophomore Victoria Lopez.

Utilize smartphones and digital cameras to capture high-quality photos and videos of your celebration. These devices offer accessibility and convenience, allowing you to document every cherished moment, from festive decorations to heartwarming family interactions. According to, a business news website, Apple saw its “highest volume of FaceTime calls” during Christmas 2020 as the pandemic kept families apart.

Lastly, some activities to take part in can include taking a role in decorating the house, crafting homemade gifts, arranging the holiday table, and so much more. 

“We make tamales every year as a family and we do secret Santa, sometimes called the white elephant,” said Lopez.

Cultures that make tamales often view it as a communal and festive activity. Gathering family members or friends to prepare and share tamales can create cherished memories during the holiday season. The process mostly involves teamwork, adding a special touch to the spirit. 

Enhance the magic of the holiday season through these best ways to celebrate. Whether it’s sharing meals, creating memories, or simply basking in the feeling of togetherness, let the spirit illuminate your festivities.

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