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Saw X: a grotesque event to experience

The Brain Surgery Trap. Meteo is strapped to a chair with a helmet connected to electrodes stuck to his head. Mateo must conduct surgery on himself with the help of a monitor showing a feed of his head. He must place the extracted tissue Failure to conduct the surgery will result in heat coils in the mask to melt the victims face.

Director Kevin Greutert brings the Saw franchise back to fans with Saw X and returns to the roots of the series with actor Tobin Bell reprising the role of the Jigsaw Killer. The film introduced new traps to the series as well as providing new backstory to previous characters. 

The Saw franchise had a steady decline of story quality since the first film’s debut. The puzzles the Jigsaw Killer enacted remain the highlight of the series and main appeal. However, as the franchise continued to come up with more puzzles for the sequels, they began neglecting the overall story quality with the 3 films having under a 37% rating on Rotten Tomatoes 

Saw X redeemed the franchise with being the highest ever rated film in the series on Rotten Tomatoes with a 79%. Saw X focused on one of the most iconic killers ever in the movie industry, John Kramer, the Jigsaw Killer. 

¨Saw X definitely surprised me with how much of a step-up it was from the rest of the series,¨ stated senior Alexander Arreola. 

Saw X takes place before Saw 2. Kramer travels to Mexico hoping to cure his cancer with an experimental procedure. However, the experiment was a scam meant to make a profit from those desperate to cure their condition. Kramer finds a new purpose in punishing those wronged him and others. 

¨I absolutely loved that John was the main killer again, it felt like they were milking the series with the constant new apprentices,”  senior Sarah Sanchez said.

The first trap, the eye vacuum trap, of the movie was James Moreno’s favorite as it helped set up the bloody tone of the film.  It is the trap that was featured on all the Saw posters and arguably one of the best ones with how simple it is. The victim must slowly break their fingers or risk having their eyes sucked out. 

The movie is a great experience to watch with friends as a shared ¨trauma bonding¨ experience; however, that can also be one of the downsides. It’s not easy to find friends willing to spend money on going to watch a movie where the main appeal is being grotesque.

“I feel like the Saw movies are so grotesque where you don’t go out of your way to watch the gore on your own, but at house parties where everyone is reacting together and bonding,” said senior Abel Araenda.

The movie does have an improvement in writing, however the bar was never high to begin with plot points in previous movies only being answered in later movies. Detective Hoffman being a Jigsaw Killer is a major plot point that was never explained until Jigsaw V. Saw X helps explain plot holes transpired from the unexplained timeline. 

“It felt like he (Jigsaw Killer) got off too easy, he did all of that and lost nothing in return,” said Araenda when asked about the ending. 

The film, while taking more care into the overall writing, continued to impress fans with the new additions to Kramer’s collection of traps and games.  

“I would stay up late and search up the grossest Saw traps, it’s never about the story you know,” said Araenda.

Even though the Saw movies have never been outstanding in writing, they provide an experience you can watch mindlessly similar to Fast and Furious. Not everything has to be outstanding which makes Saw X all the more enjoyable with something you can watch for fun.

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