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Enhypen’s roaring cheers leaves Los Angeles in awe

Julia Wong

From across the world, Korean-pop band Enhypen, began their ‘FATE’ US world tour in Carson, Calif. filling a 27,000-capacity stadium on Oct. 6. Lasting from 7:40 to 10:40 p.m Engenes, Enhypen’s fandom name, filled the Dignity Health Center in screams and cheers for the seven-member band. Debuting in 2020, Enhypen has made great progress as a 3-year-old band for their second world tour. With music genres ranging from pop, hip hop, R&B, and EDM, the stadium was filled with passionate energy.

Before general admission could enter the stadium, Enhypen held a surprise performance for the VIP holders who had entered two hours earlier. Despite having a soundcheck at 3 p.m. for VIP, they had another performance lasting with five songs. During the surprise performance, general admission outsiders rushed to the front of the line, at the doors to see them. Unfortunately, after the surprise performance ended, many who rushed to the front of the line cut in front of the many people in the back. A lack of proper line enforcement made many attendees upset and impatient. When entering, they handed out free album covers to promote their upcoming album “Orange Blood” to release on Nov. 17. The album cover was simply decorated with designs that commemorated the tour.

In total, they performed 24 songs including the encore. They had pyro effects and five various confetti effects shooting out into the audience. These effects helped elevate the song and the entire vibe of the stadium. Each stage effect perfectly matched the genre of the song. The audience was immensely loud and sang every fan chant. The fan chant consisted of all of their names and was specifically designed for each song. The loudest fan chant was for the song “Go Big or Go Home”, a song that united the entire stadium.

Senior Julia Renteria went to their first world tour ‘MANIFESTO’ in Anaheim and returned to this year’s tour to see them perform again. Renteria shares how she felt.

“I was a little worried it would be very similar to last year, but it definitely was not. They had different stages and even different versions of their original songs,” said Renteria.

The majority of the concert had the band’s lightstick that was connected to the stadium’s connection, syncing them to match each performance. Ranging from purple, blue, and red, the lights recognized each audience member. Not everyone had an Enhypen lightstick, some people brought other band’s lightsticks to show their support and to join the light experience or they held their phone flashlights into the crowd.

The most chaotic aspect of the event was how long and chaotic the merchandise line was. They only had one booth with about 10 registers. Despite having a merchandise booth outside of the stadium, hundreds of fans were attempting to buy merchandise, resulting in two or more hour waits. Many fans left the concert without buying any merchandise they wanted due to the lines overlapping with the concert. Some attendees left the performance midway or early to buy merchandise. After the concert, hundreds of more fans ran to the booth to wait in another extensive line.

Overall, the concert did not have a dull moment, each song was performed with all of their energy. The most unique segment of the concert was when they split into two units, each singing a ballad-like song. Both units performed with instruments live, one unit playing a guitar and another playing a full piano. They personalized the instruments with the guitar being signed by all of the members and the piano decorated in a bright floral display. I would definitely recommend seeing Enhypen live in future performances.

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