Goodbye, WCHS

Andres Luzania, Staff Writer

My four years of school have been an up and down ride, both academically and mentally. This school, although not perfect, has given me more opportunities than what I could ask for. I was lucky enough to enter AVID, a program designed to help students enter college. Of course I did not take all of them but many wonder, why come to WCHS? Many come to this school for sports or academics, but the number one reason many come here is for the spirit and life this school has.

I started freshman year not knowing what these four years were going to be and definitely did not expect to achieve most of the academics and events that I participated in. My freshman year I joined the marching band and thanks to that program, I met people that are still my friends to this year. It is an underappreciated art that should be looked into more as it is more than just playing music, but building a bond with people and a team perfectly coordinating and expressing artwork. Rallies and football games were a shock as all of this

was new, but definitely a way to come together as a school.

My sophomore year was a big revelation of who I was. Quarantine and online learning was a whole experience that no one expected to ever happen. I did not interact as much as I should have, but was able to focus more on my studies and figure out who my real friends were. Online learning made a lot of people, including myself, miss campus life and spirit. Overall sophomore year had a huge impact on who I am today and was definitely the start on being the person I wanted to be. 

Junior year was different from any other year. At first school policy was strict on COVID, but I will never forget my reactions meeting teachers from sophomore year and reconnecting with a lot of people that I only met through their profile picture. 

Junior year was very challenging as it was hard to get back into the routine, but the rallies and football games made it worth it. I had also started as a journalism student and found my passion for writing and reporting, even though I hated writing. Junior year was filled with many memories, especially my first time going to Homecoming and made many new friends whom I still keep close with to this day. 

The best advice about junior year is to not procrastinate and to use the resources such as the Wellness Center that are available within the school. There are many great counselors and teachers that are willing to listen and help. I strug

gled my junior year to keep my grades up and thanks to my AVID teacher Mrs. Tiana Mayo’s encouragement, I was able to improve my grades and hold a better grade point average.

My senior year was more tame than junior year. Programs such as AVID helped a lot with my college applications and college advisors. I was guided step-by-step on how to fill my applications and college advisers Juan Ochoa and Cathy Kwon made sure everything went smoothly. Overall, college advisors and staff are great people who focus on their students and truly care about their future and success. The rallies and events are something I will never forget about this school, the spirit is alive and hopefully it continues that way. 

I would like to specially thank a couple of teachers who got me through my high school years, especially

  • English teacher Phoebe Chao, who is also my journalism adviser. Without her I would probably be lost and not be able to pursue an education. 
  • Mayo and Paul Gordon who have both always been there for me and pushed me to become greater academically.
  • Ted Moser who has advised me and been a great English teacher.
  • Jeffrey Amimoto who has been patient and a great accounting teacher.
  • Phuong Hoang who has always been an open person and guided me the right way.

The best advice that could be given to incoming high schoolers is to get involved in as many clubs and sports as possible. I regret not getting more involved and trying out a sport to see what could have been. I do not regret getting involved in journalism as it has opened many opportunities as I will be attending Cal State Fullerton in the fall to study communications and journalism. This class has given me a voice and work that cannot be taken away from me.