A day out with Geo Club


Dave Huerta

Geo Club Vice President Avery Gomez taking photos of the beautiful sights on Cottonwood Trail.

Dave Huerta, Staff Writer

WCHS offers many clubs, one unique one being Geo Club. If you’re feeling adventurous to go out and see what nature has to offer, this club is for you.

“Geo club was created for the sole purpose of exploration of our California land, we want kids to experience the thrill of not just the beauty of nature, but also what life can offer in the wilderness” said Geo Club president Julieta Medina.

Recently, Geo Club took a hike on Cottonwood Trail at the Joshua Tree Desert.

“Joshua Tree desert was our last trip because it has so much to offer, from trees, plants, animals, and views from every angle,” said Medina.

The trip took place May 13, free of charge for all participants.

Seeing the stars in the night sky at Cottonwood trail was an experience you can’t get easily in West Covina due to the bright sky’s even at night time.

Despite the unique exploration experience Geo Club provides, the club is in need of new members in order to continue onto next year. If you’re interested in continuing the legacy of this immersive club, or have any questions about it, please contact Advisor Howard Lui or visit his classroom at L-14.