Fight amongst students ensues at prom


Rachel Leon

Students crowd around the scene of the fight on May 20 at prom.

Rachel Leon, Staff Writer

Four males, seniors, interrupted a night of dancing when they engaged in a physical altercation on the dance floor around 9:45 p.m. Their fighting was immediately met with a swarm of students attempting to pull apart the violence while others shoved closer to record.

Eyewitnesses Hayley Durbin and Ethan De La Cruz reported two students yelling at each other. The altercation became physical, with two friends of the students beginning to push, kick, and punch one another.


According to Andrew Vasquez, onlookers attempted to break up the fight. Security guards and West Covina High School administrators arrived at the scene after the fight ended. The dance floor was cleared for 5-10 minutes before any dancing could resume. 

The grapple led to dozens of prom attendees to be shoved, trampled, and pushed mid-dance. The chaos ensued quickly and in the process, people were caught in the crowd. Junior Nicole Song, who uses they/them pronouns, was alongside their friends when the fight began. They fell on the floor after being shoved by one of the fighters. 

Prom dance floor clears for 5-10 minutes in the aftermath of the fight at around 10 p.m. Photo Credits: Rachel Leon

“I was amazed at the fact they chose that time and place to fight if anything, and I also think how prom is supposed to be a happy and joyous occasion but now all that’s remembered is that our school can’t be at peace for more than four hours,” said Song. 

School fights are not news to campus, with past school events such as rush, a Kings of Cameron celebration event, similarly resulting in a fight midway through, leaving a warning that the event would be cut short if such behavior continued. 

Some believe that authorities did not act fast enough, as the fight was pulled apart by students before administrators and security.  

“I feel like the security guards looked kinda lost, it feels like they let that fight go down,” said junior Joshua Uy. 

According to Vasquez, all students involved in the altercation were escorted out of the event and prom resumed. 

According to Melanie Wong, ASB director and coordinator, possible consequences for students involved in the fight are revoked senior events such as Senior Sunset and Grad Nite. The conflict did not result in any penalty or charge with House of Blues.

This incident is currently under investigation.