Lilia Brugger: A start to a new journey

Natalie Flores & Flor Guerrero, Staff Writer

With a long journey beginning in 1995, Lilia Bruggers’ service in teaching is coming to an end. Brugger has been in the teaching profession for 32 years, 28 of those at WCHS. She teaches AP Literature, honors English 1, and has co-advised the Society of Music club for the past seven years.

Sarah Sanford, Bruggers’ daughter and fellow WCHS English teacher, shared what it was like to work with her mother for 17 years. Sanford expressed how grateful she is to work so closely with her mother.

“I’m very lucky, we’ve always taught next door to each other… She was bringing me coffee often or breakfast from Mcdonald’s. I would come in on cold mornings and my heater is already on, that’s very much that mom touch at work,” said Sanford.

Although Sanford will miss working alongside Brugger, she is eager to see what path her mom takes during retirement.

“Honestly, I’m so excited for her, I really am. She’s put a lot of time into teaching…This is her time to leave this behind and kind of start this new part of her life. I know that she has a lot of interests and it’s going to be a chance for her to do some of the things that maybe she hasn’t been able to put as much time into,” said Sanford. 

With almost three decades of service on campus Brugger found it difficult to recall just one remarkable memory.

“Connecting with my students through sharing and appreciating diverse music genres and co-advising WCHS Society of Music these last seven years have been some of the most enjoyable aspects of teaching,” said Brugger. 

Brugger looks forward to overnight backpacking during retirement, as well as spending her free time enjoying books and movies without having to grade them.  

Although some retired teachers return as substitutes, Brugger likely won’t follow in their footsteps. She believes being a substitute teacher isn’t something she visions herself in, following years to come.

“Getting to really know kids for 10 months, I don’t think I want to come in for just one day. I think that would be really unfulfilling. I’ve watched my students grow over the years and come in for one day, I don’t know, I think I’d be sad,” said Brugger.

Whenever Brugger got the opportunity, she would remind her students to make sure to never lose their curiosity, it’s the only thing that couldn’t be taken away from a person. 

“Please don’t lose your curiosity, keep being curious, keep wanting to know how something works, or where that came from, because that is what makes things interesting,” said Brugger.

The Bulldog family congratulates Brugger as she moves on to a new chapter of her life.