Tattoos as self-expression: Your body is your canvas


Dominic Sanchez

Butterflies and roses tattooed on left shoulder of senior Michelle Polanco

Dominic Sanchez, Staff Writer

Tattoos before the legal age of 18 are often frowned upon by adults saying things like “you’re still a baby” or “you’ll regret it.” Oftentimes people don’t know the significance of the tattoo or the story behind it.

Multiple students at WCHS have tattoos and the stories behind them and what they mean are pretty interesting.

Michelle Polanco, senior, chose to get tattoos that symbolize people and ideas that are important to her.

“The three roses symbolize passion, strength, and protection by my loved ones that I’ve lost. The four butterflies represent transformation, freedom, confidence, and personal growth,” Polanco said.

I, personally, look forward to getting tattoos, especially relating to my family and relatives who have passed. Tattoos are a great way to express yourself. My father had a tattoo behind his ear of a devil whispering in it. According to my mom, the tattoo represented the voice always tempting him. He got that tattooed the last time he was in prison.

Freshman Miguel Carranza got his first tattoo at the age of 13.

“Alejandra is my sister’s name. I got her name tattooed because she is like a mom to me,” said freshman Miguel Carranza. (Dominic Sanchez)

“The two faces on my chest symbolize smile now and cry later because you have to live in the moment in this short life. Carranza is my last name and I will always represent that. Jazmine is my girlfriend’s name and I know she’s my person. Alejandra is my sister’s name. I got her name tattooed because she is like a mom to me. The rose is for my mom because that’s her favorite flower,” said Carranza. 

People from all walks of life have different stories to tell and a lot of them tell their stories through tattoos. Just because the legal age to get a tattoo is 18, doesn’t mean you can’t have important or significant ideas before then, especially with parental consent, but remember at the end of the day tattoos are permanent and there for life.