Opinion: Your future careers can be overtaken by ChatGPT


Julia Wong

ChatGPT’s home page displays its potential and limitations that are responsible for altering the current process of learning and producing information.

Julia Wong, Staff Writer

As high schoolers search for a career path, they must be wary of future jobs being overtaken by artificial intelligence (AI) which has been increasing concerns about being laid off and the decreasing demand for their job. People are worried that their careers will be replaced by AI. While avoiding a short-lived career, AI reduces opportunities for adolescents by increasing the competitiveness of the workforce.

As technology progresses, society has begun to rely on AI for trivial matters such as asking for directions to the nearest movie theater or using autocorrect while writing. One component of AI is Chatbots, programmed with the ability to generate conversations and information upon command. Specifically, Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer (ChatGPT), has grown accurate enough to write professional papers accepted by high school and college teachers. According to ChatGPT’s creators, AI has passed numerous simulated exams ranging from Advanced Placement tests to benchmark tests for common sense. GPT isn’t limited to only helping education; it has made an entrance into research and communicative-focused jobs.

It’s fascinating how AI can generate years of knowledge in a single minute, but that one minute of generated knowledge can change lives.

ChatGPT usage has grown popular among students as a generator for answers to school work. In order for teachers to distinguish between original work and AI work, they use Turnitin’s new AI writing detection feature. Turnitin is a plagiarism detection service that compares online text to an individual’s writing. As of April 18 on the Turnitin website, this tool is only capable of detecting GPT-3 and GPT-3.5, not GPT-4, making some AI contexts unrecognizable. Students are utilizing AI as a shortcut without actually learning, but some students could use ChatGPT as a reference or for assistance on assignments. AI is capable of acting as a tutor, providing examples or prompts to practice with. Depending on the student user, ChatGPT can aid education and disrupt it at the same time.

According to OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT, they state it is a “large multimodal model (accepting image and text inputs, emitting text outputs).” ChatGPT can generate analysis, reports, stories, new ideas, and more within seconds.

The previous version of ChatGPT-3.5 was released in Nov. 2022, and the latest version of ChatGPT-4 was released Mar. 14. In about five months, OpenAI quickly advanced in accuracy and human-like responses. OpenAI and users report that ChatGPT-4 is still not completely accurate, but it continues to improve accuracy with each update. Based on OpenAI’s reports on ChatGPT If in five months, ChatGPT is able to improve remarkably, it is expected to be used in the workforce for its near-perfected accuracy.

ChatGPT is focused on gathering data and analyzing occupations that include simple documentation, customer service, and generating lesson plans. Careers with these skill sets are prone to have components of the occupation reliant on ChatGPT. Careers in the office such as accounting, public relations, or analysts have a chance to reduce their workload through AI. Using ChatGPT would be cheaper for businesses in salary and care. They wouldn’t be concerned about paying benefits for healthcare or vacation days, they would be able to work ChatGPT as long as they won’t. Although, businesses that prioritize AI lose the workspace environment and genuine human empathy.

AI is simple and prompt for instant results, but it isn’t perfect. OpenAI and users of ChatGPT have reported the flaws of the chatbot. Mistakes in calculations or producing inaccurate information are all possible results in the responses. AI isn’t completely accurate, but it can serve as a base of information that can take a person hours to collect. There is great progress in ChatGPT-4, and as they continue to be updated, AI only becomes more accurate than before.

AIs like ChatGPT may not take complete control of careers today, but it holds great potential to overturn the way the future working industry and society operate.