Senioritis: The silent killer of those set to graduate


Andres Luzania, Staff Writer

Senioritis is a term used to describe the lack of motivation and decline in academic performance that some students experience in their final year of high school. This occurs when students have already completed most of their course requirements and have little to no motivation to continue working hard or even attending their remaining classes.

Senioritis is caused by a number of factors, such as a general sense of boredom with school and burnout that results from many years of hard academic work.

Senior Lorray Torres described her experience with senioritis and how it has affected her work ethic and motivation.

“Senioritis has affected me, since I know I’m so close to the end I feel as if I don’t have to do anything anymore. Any time school goes off for break, I feel as if I already graduated and it makes it harder to come back again,” said Torres.

To cope with senioritis, it’s important for students to stay focused, motivated, and to remind themselves that their hard work in their final year can have an impact on their future success. This can involve setting short and long-term goals, creating a flexible study schedule, and seeking help from teachers and classmates.

Another senior struggling with senioritis is Frida Murillo, who explained how she copes with this issue, while maintaining proficient grades.

“I always try to distract myself and do things I enjoy to relax my mind. I cook, read, or do something counterproductive to stay busy,” said Murillo.

Although seniors struggling with senioritis may feel their obligations to school are over, there will be consequences for those who have been accepted into college. Many institutions can and will reverse the acceptance of a student due to poor grades, disciplinary issues, and honor code violations, all of which can originate from someone that struggles with senioritis.

Senior Sophia Pilare is currently planning on going to community college and explained what her motivation is to overcome senioritis.

“Even though I’m only going to community college, I want to maintain good grades and not slack off from school because I want to be able to participate in senior activities such as grad night and prom,” said Pilare.

Taking smaller steps to stay motivated and engaged can help students overcome the challenges of senioritis and succeed in their final semester of high school.