Kali Uchis’ “Red Moon in Venus” strikes again


Kali Uchis’ most recent album cover for “Red Moon in Venus”. Photo credits: Pitchfork

Natalie Flores, Staff Writer

Content warning: Use of profanity

American-Colombian singer Karly-Mariana Loaiza, known as Kali Uchis, recently released an album “Red Moon in Venus” through Geffen Records on March 3. After three years of not releasing an album, fans were ecstatic about the variations of the songs in the album, also seeing multiple perspectives of a healing journey and learning how to prioritize self-love put into lyrical form.

Uchis’ Red Moon in Venus tour follows the album with over 20 live shows listed across Northern America, with many sold out dates due to popular demand. 

In a recent interview with radio station Real 92.3 LA, Uchis spoke on the meaning behind her album and why she chose the album name. 

“I always felt very called to the moon, and I felt like it was very representative of the album. The album is very emotional, guided by love and all the dimensions of love. Venus is the planet of love and the red moon felt like thematically encapsulated the entire feeling for me,” said Uchis.

The album contains 15 tracks, including collaborations with popular hit singers such as Don Toliver, Omar Apollo and Summer Walker. During her interview with Real 92.3 LA, Uchis explained how she only collaborates with people who she genuinely loves.

“I don’t charge for features, yeah if I do a feature for somebody it’s because I genuinely fuck with you, like I’m not jumping on a record because it’s hot,” said Uchis.

The album features new single, “I Wish you Roses”, was inspired by a song that Uchis grew up listening to,  “I Wish You Love” by Joe Bataan. She expressed how the song is the inspiration of the single and always wanted to make her own version of it.

The song gives another perspective of a healing journey after a relationship rather than just wishing bad upon the person.

“It’s a healing journey to let people out of your lives without having that negative emotion. I genuinely feel like when you hold on to resentment or when you hold on to bad feelings, you’re really only hurting yourself,” said Uchis.

Out of the many songs the album has to offer, “I Wish you Roses” stands out because of the fact that the song is about wishing good upon a person and believing in the positive side of an unfortunate and negative situation.

Fans all over the world have given feedback on the album and continue to support Uchis’ art.

“This whole album is fruitful and full of color. She continues to grow as an artist into new realms and does it so well. Such an inspiration,” said Tik-Tok user Tais Morga.

Overall the album gave an empowering and uplifting feeling to Uchi’s audience, although I would rate it an 8 out of 10 because of the positive message that is being conveyed. Although many of the songs felt repetitive with the lyrics, Uchis did an outstanding job on this project, the vocals are soothing and had great production.

“Red Moon in Venus” is available on all digital streaming platforms.