Do energy drinks cause more harm than benefits?

Do energy drinks cause more harm than benefits?

Carlee Macias, Staffer

Energy drinks are known around the world for the boost of energy it can give a person and the delicious flavors they offer. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) explains that energy drinks contain large amounts of caffeine, other sugars, and legal stimulants. These legal stimulants have effects such as increasing alertness, attention, energy, and can increase blood pressure, heart rate, and lastly breathing. Adults with long work hours or even teens getting ready for a big game or a long studying night are taking these energy drinks but is it helping them by boosting their energy levels? 

There are many different brands of energy drinks, the most famous is Red Bull. Red Bulls are an Austrian made drink and now sold 11.582 billion cans. Red Bulls have been greatly known to help people get the boost they need but can have a negative side effect of increasing heart rates as well as blood pressure. Another drink is Monster, a drink that has a vast majority of caffeine and taurine and is proven to increase heart rate and blood pressure. Although energy drinks are made of some of the same ingredients. According to the National Library of Medicine, who shared the pros and cons of how energy drinks can be harmful, they tell us what these energy drinks are really made of.

“The main ingredients of energy/power drinks are caffeine, taurine, glucuronolactone, B vitamins, guarana, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, l-carnitine, sugars, antioxidants, and trace minerals.”

An empty Red Bull energy drink. Its flavor was tropical and is on top of a counter waiting to be recycled. (Carlee Macias)

Having these harmful ingredients can affect anyone, but something that attracts consumers is the flavors they offer. Teens have been trying these drinks but not thinking about the effects it can have on their health. 

“One-third of teens between 12 and 17 years drink them regularly,” stated the National Institute of Health.

Lexi Oseguera, WCHS Alumni, states she has been drinking energy drinks since her freshman year of high school. She drinks Monster Energy drinks but has never read how much caffeine they contain. Oseguera shares her opinion on consuming energy drinks.

“Although I don’t feel them giving me much energy I like the flavors more than anything else” Oseguera states. 

The back of a Red Bull energy drink showing the number of calories, sugars and other ingredients. (Carlee Macias)

Speaking with junior Mia Rodriguez she shares how energy drinks have had some negative effects on her health. She has drank Monsters and Celsius numerous times and explains that Monsters have been known to raise heart rate significantly, giving a boost of energy quickly making her feel very shaky. 

“Monsters give me that adrenaline rush.. And I feel my heart beating fast, although I do still drink them on occasion,” Rodriguez stated.

I have drank a Monster and it did give me a boost of energy quickly but drinking them a couple more times I realize that I don’t feel that boost as I did before. 

Celsius a new up and coming energy drink available in grocery stores and gas stations. Celsius energy drinks are healthier than others. I personally have been consuming more Celsius than any other energy drink. I love the flavors because they are so different and just taste like juice. 

Unlike other energy drinks with large amounts of caffeine, the sugars Celsius contain help in that they give a boost of energy to exercise or going about the day rather than a Red Bull which gives people the boost of energy as soon as possible. I think Red Bulls are good if they need the extra boost quickly because to me Celsius gives a different kind of energy than a Red Bull gives. 

Overall, energy drinks have been shown to help anyone with getting a boost of energy but can have a negative effect on the human body and are  proven to affect everyone differently. Always check ingredients to know what you’re putting in your body.