Shoes For Crews visits WCHS


West Covina High School staff wait in line to select their free pair of no-slip shoes from the Shoes For Crews truck. Photo by Sophia Gonzalez.

Sophia Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Shoes For Crews is a company that specializes in non-slip work shoes for all kinds of active jobs such as hospitality, food service, industrial, supermarkets, and schools. The shoes designed and manufactured are specially made to be slip-resistant in order to prevent fewer work-related fall injuries. 

According to the National Safety Council, in 2020, 805 workers died in falls and 211,640 were injured from work-related injuries severe enough to require days off from work. Work-related falls are an issue that is not popularly discussed but is a dangerous issue that can be avoided. 

On Tuesday, Feb. 28, WCUSD arranged for the Shoes For Crews truck to visit West Covina High School for the staff to go into the truck to try on non-slip shoes and be able to receive a free pair of their choosing. According to an email that was sent to staff, not only did they visit West Covina High School, but other schools in the district as well. 

Ray Wilds, Director of Business Services and Transportation, further explains what Shoes for Crews focuses on and its overall goals.

“They specialize in no slip shoes … they take the sole off and put a no-slip sole on the bottom. This helps the employees of the school district to prevent injuries, slips, trips, and falls…number one, it’s to help prevent injuries, and number two, it’s a great morale booster. There’s a lot going on today everywhere so it’s a great morale booster for the employees,” said Wilds.

Fabian Osorio, mobile truck operator for Shoes For Crews, adds on to where Shoes for Crews travels to in order to support other work industries other than just the educational scene.

“We do hospitals, schools, food companies that process food, we will basically go anywhere as long as workers need shoes and they’re willing to pay for them; we’ll go anywhere,” said Osorio. 

Shoes For Crews has an official website where you can find out more about their special non-slip shoes at