Teacher spotlight: Lyndie Lorenger


Natalia Portillo

Lorenger (right) explains the material to her student Anna Soriano (left) on Feb. 2.

Natalia Portillo, Contributing Writer

Lyndie Lorenger started her teaching career at WCHS 20 years ago as an English teacher for all grade levels, but is currently teaching at the senior level and has been an AVID teacher since 2004.

Lorenger teaches AVID in order to allow students to be eligible to apply for any 4-year college that they want to apply to, to prepare the students for college level work, and for students to have a better understanding of real world work ethic.

While attending Cal State Fullerton Lorenger majored in child and adolescent studies.

”I then took a series of really awful and difficult tests to teach English,¨ said Lorenger.

At 9-years-old Lorenger made the decision to one day become a teacher because she had an inspiring 4th grade teacher. She fulfilled her dream of teaching early on in life and wants to continue to teach and be impactful for students in their lives. 

¨In my opinion to be a teacher that students are going to want to learn from they need to have somebody they respect and look up to, and to be a good teacher you have to truly care about your students otherwise why are you doing it?”  said Lorenger.

Lorenger is arguably one of the most trusted teachers who is welcoming and open-minded, who is willing to be approachable for any students who need it.

“I think the one thing that students need to remember in a major way is no matter what you are going through there is a way through it, and sometimes it’s going to take a lot of hard work on your part, but you can absolutely get through it,¨ she said. 

Lorenger plans on continuing to teach in the foreseeable future and hopes that she continues to successfully prepare her students for the real world.