Active shooter drill at WCHS


Dave Huerta, Staff Writer

School shootings across the U.S. have been a growing problem. According to, a website dedicated to spreading news that can affect students K-12,  there were 250 in 2021, 302 in 2022, and 6 have already taken place this year. It is easy to understand why many people would fear one happening at their own school. 

To prepare for the event of a school shooting, WCUSD issued a mandatory school day dedicated to learning how to deal with a school shooting on Jan. 23. While students were dismissed for the whole day, teachers and staff came to school to learn different protocols on how to handle a dangerous situation.

“I think it was really powerful to learn that we don’t have to just sit in our room. If we think the best option is to get students out of the room and run off campus when we know it’s safe, then it’s something we can do,” said teacher Phuong Hoang.

These activities that faculty underwent are meant to prepare them to help themselves and students if a shooter were to ever attack the school.

“I learned that it’s not always best to stay put. When I first started teaching and we talked about active shooter stuff, it was always best to turn your lights off and hide in the room,” said teacher Corey Tello.

According to Saint Mary’s College of Maryland, a college dedicated to liberal arts education, if there is a great distance between yourself and the shooter, it is best to run rather than sit in a classroom. It’s best to leave your belongings behind and take others with you.

Although teachers and staff were the only ones to receive training on this day, the question arises if students should receive the same training.

“It would be beneficial if students got the training we got. How to think and how to process the info because it definitely did help and make you think about your exits. Whether that be in a classroom, the cafeteria, or outside on campus,” said library technician Monica Gutierrez.

With school shooting reports only going up every year, it’s crucial that students know ways to survive a deadly event that can happen at any time.

“It has to be taught. Today’s day and age, if you just look at the news, we see shootings happening so regularly at schools,” said Principal Dr. Charles Park. 

“This is a reality, and we as a staff have to be ready 100%, and part of being ready is preparation. I think if we’re ready for the situation and we train for it, we’re going to be better than if it catches us by surprise and we have no plan. Because of the training, we have a plan,” Park continued.

“It’s very scary, that’s why I feel they should give the training to the students as not only an employee here, but also a parent. My son comes here, and it’s scary knowing that this is a possibility, but we have to be prepared for it,” said Gutierrez.

“I think it’s sad that we are at a point in our society where we have to go through this. I have a son that’s in elementary school and it’s sad that we have to think about this,” said Tello.

Just like any situation, with the right education and training, people can be better prepared.